Into the Life of Joselyn Harris

By: Tony Nguyen

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In her Youngin Days..

Joselyne Harris was born on July 17th, 1997

Her most Memorable Moment is breaking her collar bone at 3 years old when she was playing mountain climbers with her broski and fell :)

Alias and Nicknames: Theater Princess, Mermaid Josie, Mermaid Princess, J, Jo

Why Mermaid tho? Cuz she's a boss.

Because during a hangout, her best friend's little sister saw her swimming under a wave and thought she looked like a mermaid.

Mermaids confirmed.

Dream Career: To become a Primary School Teacher, preferrably 4th Grade because her 4th grade teacher had the most impact on her life

Joselyne 2015

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Three Wishes: Money, Lifetime Supply of Pizza, More Wishes

Her favorite color is Yellow because no one else likes that color and she's boss like that

Her Best Subject in School is Geography because she can "Name all 50 States in 90 seconds"

Her favorite hobbies are Theater, Map Games, and Traveling

Describing herself in 3 words she is: Tall, Funny, and Honest

Her most defining/favorite trait about herself: Her eyes, teeth, and her hair because it is ALWAYS blonde

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Most Attractive Trait She Likes In Other People: Height because she likes talking to people taller than her

Her Pet Peeves: Slow walkers, people who act like they "know you", and people who interrupt when she is watching Gossip Girl


Joselyn would choose the powers to talk to animals

Marvel vs. D,C? Marvel because their characters are more distingushed from one another compared to D.C, they're funnier and because Stan Lee is in every Marvel movie.

Favorite Superhero/ine? Spiderman because he's Spiderman.

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Top Five Celebrities

Top Three Shows

Top Three Travel Destinations

Are You Going to Prom? Yes AND in a mermaid dress.