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Dear members,

Dear alumni,

Dear friends of IG Vienna TU!

Time flies and it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the third edition of THE INSIDER! :) This edition is all about the most amazing national conference NatCo 2k16! This is why this awesome video by Julian Koßmann will set the right mood:

As usual if you have any comments, ideas, thoughts, feedback, ... don't hesitate to write me at:

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Neues vom Kaiser

Dear members,
Dear alumni,
Dear friends,

I hope the spring weather is treating all of you well and you are inspired to move your project forward.

To not miss out on anything just keep on reading and be prepared for the next weeks.

Enjoy the short week and see you soon,

Upcoming Events - Preview

Facing the reality that most of you - not knowing what your are missing! ;) - won't read this amazing newsletter till the end, I still want everybody to be informed about the upcoming events.

For more detailed information, please scroll to the end :)
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NatCo 2k16 Throw-Back

Sleep Walking, Dancing Zombies Found Snow At Göstling

(AKA Participating at NATCO2k16)

When you find yourself in a constant state of sleep deprivation, caffeine-overdose, input-overflow and having the urge to dance to all different kind of music, you are probably on an AIESEC conference.

I had the chance to experience this exceptional state of mind all over again at NATCO 2k16, which took place in snowy “Göstling an der Ybbs” from 28th April to 1st May. The conference got chaired by the Greek MCP “Renata„ and facilitated by the Austrian MC team.

A lot of information was passed on in the sessions, which were generally delivered in a way you would expect (from MC members): interesting, motivational, professional and informational but yet easy to understand and interactive

Between the immense amount of official input I still found sufficient time to enjoy meeting diverse people from all different chapters and the newly elected MC of AIESEC in Austria again and discuss various topics with them.

There were many inspiring speeches which mostly carried the message, that you can overcome anything if you just set your mind to it and start acting upon that matter. I liked the different takes on that topic a lot, since it is a motto I live by.

The longer the conference lasted, the more intense the parties got. Luckily there haven’t been any severe casualties. Even the dance-off between LC Graz and LC Salzburg got settled in peaceful way.

In the final sharings it got obvious, the motivation and inspiration was successfully passed on to the delegates.

I am looking forward to see all the amazing people again at the next national conference.

Christoph Wanasek

Functional Area Updates


As you all can see, iGIP has officially changed to B2B now - but what does that mean. Besides calling and going to meetings (what we do most of the time), we also have other responsibilities, which are connected to Business 2 Business. One of the most important things offline is networking. So going to events and talk to people there. The atmosphere there is less “strict” and it is more about talking with people about AIESEC in general and maybe get some useful information - like a contact person.

And another thing we are working on at the moment is organising an event by ourselves. This event will be in the end of November and focusing on the topic of Industry 4.0. The goal is to have an interactive day full of workshops where students can find touchpoints with the “real life” of companies working on solving problems. For us it is important that students actually learn something through this event, and for this reason they will continue working on the topics of Industry 4.0 for half a year and then at another event, students will present the outcome to public. If you have questions about it, feel free to approach your VP B2B aka Johanna.


In OGX, we have been transitioning toward a rebranding of our team as the Customer Experience team. This means that where we were previously responsible for the matching, preparation and leadership development of TU students, we will now also ensure a positive, development-rich experience for incoming EPs from abroad. In order to make up for this change in focus, we will be spending the next weeks doubling-down on our skills and knowledge about leadership development, as well as involving ourselves in the organization of a Vienna-wide Outgoing Preparation Seminar that will be taking place in a few weeks.


Hello Dear TU AIESECERs,

As you all know Global Citizen Peak is coming to an end next week with the Info Evening on Thursday. Until then we still have a lot to do and we need a lot of support to get the best out of the last few days of promotion. To motivate you to support us as much as possible we created the “Global Citizen Promotion Challenge”, that Lukas presented to you during the SuperIGM.

So don’t forget to sign up for the Info Stand and to invite your friends, university colleagues to the Info Evening Facebook Event so we can have an awesome conclusion to this campaign. Let the Promotion Games begin!

“For every end there is always a beginning”

With the end of Global Citizen Promotion, we are starting mid may with promotion peak for Global Talent, our professional internships program, with a lot of opportunities for you to participate: Lecture Presentations, Info Stands and Info Evening ;)

This is also our chance to implement all the new ideas we had during the promotion for GC to improve Info Stands and LPs. Super opportunity for those who have info stands as XFP ;)

So let’s rock the last days of Global Citizen Promotion and let’s give everything for Global Talent!


TM / F&L

After the X-FT (Cross-functional training), I put a lot of effort into finding a way to track all the individual projects, in order for us as well as yourself to get the most out of it. Of course the projects should be beneficial to the entity but more importantly we want you to learn something for yourselves.

This is why I created a beautiful spreadsheet, which you still have a few hours to fill out ;) The link for the spreadsheet:

The second focus in TM were OM-interviews. The questionnaire for the interview was updated and first interviews have taken place. It was a highlight to welcome our first official member of my term :) After the first interviews, we noticed that the process needs to be optimized, which will be done soon.

From the F&L side, I was very happy to finally publish the updated version of our compendium and Statuten. If you are interested, you may find them in our Podio workspace ;) Thank you again to everyone involved, especially everyone who took the time to attend the eGA and gave us their valuable input. Special thanks to Tim, our amazing chair who made this tiring assembly as entertaining as possible!

In general, both areas will become only one area called BA (Business Analytics) and the process started after NatCo, but as B2C and CXP are focus right now, it will take some time to figure out the details.


Facebook Challenge

Create content for a Global Citizen Campaign Facebook Post. Create a catchy text with optional a picture.

The winner post will be posted as the last post of the Global Citizen Summer Peak Campaign on the AIESEC in Vienna Page and on our groups.

Deadline: 22nd of May

The Promotion Games

Motivation for members to participate in promotion activities.

Collect points per hour spend at the Info Stand, Emails collected, Presence at Info Evening, Friends invitations to the Info Evening FB event.

The winner will get an 75 euros Voucher for a Global Citizen Exchange!

Any questions contact VP PRM.

Upcoming Events

Info-Evening Global Citizen

On Thursday, 19th of May at 17:00 the last Info-Evening for GC promotion will take place. It is always helpful to have as many support as possible so it would be great for as many of us to show up there! :)

You may find the FB-Event here:

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our lovely VP PRM :)

Global Village WU

AIESEC in Vienna WU is organizing a global village on Wednesday (tomorrow) at 15:00 at WU campus. If you can make it, it would be a amazing experience for you to see all the different cultures that are part of AIESEC. You will meet many interesting people and learn a lot about different cultures.
The FB-link to the event:

Super IGM

The next super IGM will take place next week, on the 25th of May at 19:30 at the WU campus. Details will be announced very soon, be prepared! :)

Picture of the Month

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