Pixie Dot News!

January 22, 2014

We're SO glad you're here!

Welcome to ourTeam Email for the best ladies in the business - the gorgeous stylists of the Pixie Dots! I am so excited to share fun news, great calls, and celebrate YOU and all that you do to delight your customers, hostesses, stylists, and each other, every day!


Ok, so let me break it to you. There are BIG things you can do this year. Big. Huge... With your life. With your "other" job. With your family and friends. AND With stella & dot. The real decider here is you. Tell that voice inside that sneaks in and says...well she's got more friends that I do, she's got better genes that I do, she's better at XYZ that I am. Shut those voices off.

Because you are what you believe you are. Confused? Here's what I mean. You think you're Magnificent? Then you are. You think you're a terrible stylist because all your trunk shows always cancel? Then that's what happens. And if you need someone to tell you, I will. YOU ARE Magnificent. I request you go look in the mirror (yikes.. no makeup) and just say outloud... "I am MAGNIFICENT". There...now you feel better? Just make your mind up- then go do it! Best news ever- is that you can decide!

I think it really is about who gets up each morning and gets it done. Who wants it- and then works to get it...and importantly does so with a positive attitude. Let your light shine!

Welcome to YOUR JUMP START!!!

And that's good news to you. Because you know what? Congrats to you! We are ALL in our jump start - a NEW improved jump start that rewards you for doing the most important parts of our business - sharing the style and sharing the opportunity! That's right- there is a new jumpstart program- and we're all in it again!

My challenge to ALL OF YOU - Go for $5000 in sales between NOW and March 9 ... that's five typical trunk shows in 8 weeks. YOU CAN DO IT! When you do - That's $750 in product credits. (plus if you sell $1000 before February 9, you'll get a quick start bonus of $100!)

Why stop there? Set a goal to share the opportunity with at least ONE person during your jump start. Team Building Bonus: For every Stylist you sponsor during your Jumpstart, who qualifies by selling $1000 Retail Sales during her Jumpstart, you'll earn $100 in cash on your Little Blue Card! Additionally, when your new Stylist sponsors someone in her Jumpstart, who then qualifies during her Jumpstart - both you and your new Stylist will get $100 in cash!

*check out all the details on your stylist lounge home page.

(Introducing your new Jumpstart! As we roll out our new Jumpstart on 1/9, we're excited for ALL STYLISTS to experience this, with Jumpstart for all! That means, between January 9th and March 9th, all Stylists will earn unlimited Jumpstart Awards, including the Quickstart Award, Team Building Bonuses and unlimited product credit!)

If you've attended a Circle of Success Training then you probably saw the slide about Beth Tackaberry. Beth is a Sr Director in Canada and last year she hit that same rut all of us hit at one point or another - she was having trouble booking. What did she do? She made a commitment to reach out to 100 people and guess what happened - she went from having a total of 4 shows on the books to having a total of 30! She didn't get 30 yes's just from her calls alone - what happened was she booked a bunch from that initial reach out, booked from those, and booked even more from those and it snowballed into 30 shows. She sold over $36,000 and earned $10,950 in commission! She visited new markets and contacted new businesses. Beth is no different from you or me....she just followed the steps we know to book and reached out to tons of people. We can all do this!

Take this challenge with me - over the next 10 days let's make the commitment to reach out to 100 people (that's just 10 people a day). It might be a matter of calling your customers from the fall/holidays to follow up, getting out and about and seizing every opportunity to talk about your business, reaching out to that friend on fb who you know would love our products, or talking about our stylist or hostess opportunity to every guest at your upcoming shows. Texting counts too! Just start reaching out! What you talk about will come about! (A group email to 100 people does NOT count!!!)

All who complete the challenge will have their name in a drawing for $100. Your time is money and the more time you invest in your business the greater the return will be!! You can use $100 cash or product credit!

You can find a template for your 100 boxes in the team page under files.

How to enter:
Email me your list of 100 (or a picture of it from your phone)
by Monday, February 3
email to: jencullen7@aol.com
subject: Talk is cheap.

and post to our Pixie Dot Facebook team page so we can cheer each other on!!

Congrats to our tops in sales so far for January!

Jennifer Cullen $3,453

Katherine Laskey $1,527

Michelle Stein $1,431

Krista Goforth $1,169

Danielle Gardner $1,159

Hayley Cushman $921

Christin Kiel $609

Katina Bookard $587

Emma Lipscomb $554

Let's Make the Most of It!

I hope you'll really take some time and look at what you want out of this year - you really can have anything you want if you are willing to just say it out loud and work for it! Your team is here to help you get there!

Pixie Dots

Jennifer Cullen, Associate Director