Equations and Inequalities

Abby Kernion

One Step Equations

Audrey's Pencils

Audrey had some color pencils in her art cup. She bought a new pack of colored pencils with twelve in it. She added these colored pencils to her art cup. Now she has 32 colored pencils in her art cup. How many colored pencils did she have before?

x + 12 = 32

Paint Supplies

Since Audrey stocked up on colored pencils she relized she needs some more painting supplies. She went to the store and bought some paint brushes. She found a pack of paint brushes that she really liked. She bought 8 of those packs. When she got home she emptied the packs. She bought 56 paint brushes. How many paint brushes were in each pack?

8x = 56

One Step Inequalities

Audrey's Party

Now that Audrey got new supplies she can have an art party, but now she needs to decide how many cupcakes each person gets. She's inviting 9 people to her party and she made more than 54 cupcakes. How can we figure out how many cupcakes each person gets?

x(9) > 54

Friendly Treats

Since everyone ate her cupcakes at the party she made brownies for her friends. She made her brownies and topped them with colorful chocolate chips. Her friends ate 14 of them and she had less than 7 left. How many cupcakes did she make?

x - 14 < 7