North Vs. South

The Civil War

Advantages Of North

  1. Had a greater population, and more states.
  2. Had a greater population in the army
  3. Abe Lincoln was President.
  4. Had U. S. Grant

Advantages Of South

  1. Had slaves.
  2. President was Jeff D, and had Robert E. Lee
  3. Knew The Territory Of The Battle Field.

Leaders Of North And South



  1. No Slaves.
  2. Didn't Know The Territory as Well As South


  1. Less Population & Less States.
  2. Not As Nice Clothing.
  3. Had More Wars In South.


North W/ Slaves

The North Didn't Like The Idea Of Slaves They Thought It Was A Bad Idea.

South W/ Slaves

The South Depended On Slaves For There Work, Like Harvesting Cotton to Sell To The North.