Jesse Woodson James

American Outlaw

one of the most famouse american outlaws was jesse woodson james, this notorius guy was famouse for his bankrobbing, murder, and train robbing. jesse james killed mayor shaw and frank griffin. he also robbed a bank in russelville with his brother and 2 other guys. jesse james and his brother robbed a express train for $1,500 in curency and jewels. jesse james was born in september, 05 1847 and died april 03, 1882 in saint joseph missouri. his nationality was american and he was an outlaw of the wild west. jesse's father left his family in 1850 to gold prospectors in california and died alittle after he arivved. he married zerald in kearney on april 23, 1847 and had two childrens. the most famouse bank robbing of jesse james in september 7, 1876 at first national bank. two of them died nd jesse james and his brother frank were wounded. after they recovered they still kept on robbing and thongs they did before.


September 05, 1847 Jesse Woodson James was born in Missouri Kearney.

July 21, 1873 the gang robed their first train in Iowa.

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