Too Much?

By:Kellie kulisek

Are you happy you have so much homework? Are you sick of it? Everyone has different thoughts about homework! I'm not a big fan of homework. Are you?
How long do you think some kids spend on homework? Some kids in grades three and four spend about one to two hours on homework!! Did you know that some kids spend up to four hours on homework. That's crazy!! But, grades five to six spend about two to three hours on homework! See what I go through. But there are kids in seventh and eighth that spend about three hours on homework! That's not it... Some kids in ninth grade spen up to four hours on homework! That is just crazy! Schools want kids to stay active and heathy and how do they do that if they have homework all the time! Kids sometimes just bed to be free and go out side for some fresh air.

Do you ever wonder what kids think of homework? Most kids just hate homework! I am not a fan of homework myself. "Study's show that the most hated homework is studying."("the homework report," zillions 1994.) To be honest studying is just trying to memorize things for a test. Some kids just 100% hate homework and so they don't do it. There goes a good grade.

Do you ever wonder why kids don't do their homework? Sometimes, kids don't always get their homework, and they might need help. Like one night, I was doing my math. I got to a problem that I needed help with! I couldn't get any help from anyone. Because my Dad was out side looking for something, and my Mom was yelling at my sister and going on her phone. I had to skip the problem. Sometimes, kids parents don't always know how to hel their kids with their homework. For some kids homework I'd hard, and not very beneficial.
Yes, I know, homework helps you. Like, if you didn't have homework you would not even really know you learned anything. Homework is a very beneficial way to study. Usually, you don't have time at school to study. Also, you might not have enough time to do you homework in class, so you can do it at home.
Kids use so many excuses when it comes to homework. Like, " I opened the window in the car and my paper flew out of the window." Or something more fake like " I didn't have a pencil at home." Maybe something that is kinds obvious " HOMEWORK? WE HAD HOMEWORK LAST NIGHT!!" See that's only some of them. "I'm sorry, my mom washed it with my pants."kids use way to many excuses. "My cat had kittens on it." I hope no one ever uses this excuses "I'm sorry, I used invisible ink." Maybe some kids just don't want you to really know why they didn't do their homework. Maybe something happened at home that they don't want to talk about. Maybe someone passed away. Just take a moment to think about how some kids have it at home.
I think kids should have less homework. Because kids spend too much time on it! Some kids don't under stand it. "HOMEWORK?! WE HAD HOMEWORK!?" Kids use so many excuses when it comes to homework. Do you think kids should have less homework?


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