Theory Y

Douglas McGregor's theory on management.

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What the theory says.

People find work to be good (enjoyable), the people are creative and are self motivated, are responsible for their work, and have self control while managing the physical and mental( emotional) effort to do necessary work.

The Manager's views

They talk to employees and develop a certain level of trust with them to be creative in the work place.

Helping continue the idea of a relaxing work place.

The Employee's views

Employees will control themselves and work towards a certain goal. They have a large amount of freedom to use to their productive disposal.

Centralized or Decentralized?

This theory is Decentralized.


Relaxed environment allows easier flow of new ideas, workers encouraged to think creatively, new ideas creates new opportunities for new revenue to increase company gains.


Some employees cannot handle so much freedom properly.

Examples of this theory.

Companies such as Google, Wegmans food market, Facebook, and Twitter are companies that put theory Y to practice.

Kevin Fallon, period 8/9, Business Management.

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