An Amazing Day at the World's Fair

BMS students create a special day for us

Background Information

The students at Prairie middle school were filling into the library anxious to see their competition. Looking at the boards you saw the effort and hard work put into them. But yet there were others that looked like they had been done overnight. In the teachers faces you saw exhaustion. I did feel sorry for them for they were grading all the projects. But it was worth it since the students had worked on this for 2 weeks. " I'm really proud of my project it's like watching your child go off to college" says Meaghan Rivera and Maddie Sheedy. Each poster had their own special thing that made it unique. And watching all the amazing projects made the library come to life. The students are Prairie really left us breathless.

La Mejor Invencion

El projecto mas creativo y bueno es para la montana rusa. Este projecto fue hecho por Felipe y Angel. LaMarcus Adna Thompson hizo la primer Montana rusa en Enero 20 , 1885. La primera Montana rusa fue hecha de madera. En 1959 Disneyland introducio un nuevo diseno de l a Montana rusa. Esta era la primera Montana rusa hecha de acero. Hoy en dia casi todos de las montanas rusas usan acero. Pero pocas montanas todavia contruyen con la madera. La invencion de la Montana Rusa era muy llamativa y interesante. Tenia una Montana rusa y se movie tambien. Y eso no era todo su cartel estaba muy creative y tenia mucha informacion, Para mi esta fue la major invencion de la Feria del Mundo