Upcoming ACT Test for Juniors!!

-Huntsville City Schools-

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 all 11th grade students in Huntsville City Schools will take the ACT! For most juniors, this will be their first time taking this college entrance exam! A little practice and preparation can make a difference in your score and help relieve test anxiety.

Did you know??

-The test is FREE for all 11th grade students! Funding is provided by the ALSDE.

-Your school will coordinate registration for this test.

-You will be given the opportunity to list up to four colleges to receive your score.

-Colleges use ACT scores to determine admission, placement, and scholarships.

-Higher scores mean more options for college and scholarships!

Huntsville City Schools will provide monetary incentives to students who meet or exceed the following benchmark scores:

English: 18= $50

Reading: 22= $50

Math: 22= $50

Science: 23= $50

Composite: 22= $100

Total Possible: $300

FREE ACT Resources to help students prepare!

  • Naviance test Prep--www.succeed.naviance.com (see your counselor if you need login info.)
  • ACT Online Prep. (See your counselor for login info.)
  • Appleton after school ACT test prep sessions two days per week (See your counselor for info.)