Pride and Prejudice

Relationship Analysis

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English IV 5th hour

November 14, 2013

Relationship Analysis

Mr. Bingley and Miss Jane Bennet meet each other at a ball which is held near the town of Meryton in Hartfordshire. Mr. Bingley is greatly struck by the beauty of Jane who is the prettiest of all the girls who are attending the ball. Mr. Bingley tells his friend Mr. Darcy that Jane is the most beautiful creature he has ever beheld. Mr. Bingley dances with Jane twice; and this fact is observed with great interest by everybody present. At home, Jane tells her sister Elizabeth that Mr. Bingley is just what a young man should be. She says that Mr. Bingley is sensible, good-humored, and lively, and that she had never before seen such happy manners, so much ease, and such perfect good breeding in any man. Mr. Bingley and Jane showed love at first sight.

Even with such mutual attraction towards one another, Mr. Bingley and Jane had a bumpy road before a proposal ever occurred. First, Jane gets sick while dining at Netherfield Park with Mr. Bingley. This turned out for the best though, because after a week with Jane, Mr. Bingley’s grew much more interested in Jane then he was before. Awhile later, Miss Bingley writes a letter to Jane from London, informing her of the sudden departure of the whole family, and informing her further that the family would not return to Netherfield Park throughout the coming winter.

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This letter from Miss Bingley comes as a big shock to Jane who had been hoping that Mr. Bingley would soon propose marriage to her. Elizabeth had been sharing this hope of Jane’s, and Mrs. Bennet had been feeling certain in this respect. Miss Bingley’s letter contains also a hint that Mr. Bingley might in due course marry Mr. Darcy’s sister, Georgiana. Jane begins to no longer show any hope that Mr. Bingley would marry her. She tries to adjust herself to the changed situation.

Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield Park and pays a visit to the Bennet family in the company of Mr. Darcy. But Mr. Bingley, in paying this visit, has a specific purpose in his mind. Even Jane, who finds Mr. Bingley’s talk very agreeable and pleasing, does not have any hope that he would propose marriage to her. But a few days later Mr. Bingley again calls at Longbourn, this time quite alone. Mrs. Bennet invites him to dine at her house on the following day, and he gladly accepts this invitation. On the following day, he duly calls at Longbourn. Mr. Bingley does propose marriage to Jane. Jane’s happiness cannot even be described in words. Mr. Bingley gets married to Jane; and the marriage takes place on the same day on which Mr. Darcy marries Elizabeth.

In 20 years I think Mr. Bingley and Jane will still be happily in love. Through everything they had already been through their love only grew stronger for one another and I think as the years go on it will only grow more and more. I think they will have a good happy family. I cannot see Mr. Bingley or Jane being anything but amazing parents, since they are both so loving and caring people. I love the relationship Mr. Bingley and Jane have.