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Consulting Plan for Life Path Community Counseling

The Change You Need

Awesome Solutions is a Pittsburgh based consulting company focused on providing counseling agencies with solutions to make their organization profitable and meet their clients' needs. We have 35 years combined experience serving agencies in the Pittsburgh area including UPMC, Mercy Behavioral Health, Pressley Ridge, and NHS. We look forward to serving you!

Issues Identified

  • Reduced Accessibility
  • Low Attendance Rates
  • Reduced Staff Productivity
  • Decreased Program Revenue & Sustainability

Consultation Services

Phase 1: Training/Analysis of Trends (Month 1)

  • Provide trainings to all levels of staff
  • Collect and analyze baseline data

Phase 2: Implementation (Month 2)

  • Staff implement recommendations
  • Consultants analyze and monitor attendance rates, productivity, revenue, client & staff satisfaction and turnover

Phase 3: Formative Assessments (Month 3, 6, 9)

  • Staff provide feedback about process
  • Monitor and evaluation of program goals
  • Troubleshooting, support, re-training, and revising initiatives as needed

Phase 4: Summative Assessment (Month 12)

  • Staff provide feedback about process
  • Present results from formal evaluation of goals
  • Indentify follow-up time frames and unresolved needs of program


Our services will increase:

  • Accessibility of services
  • Attendance rates for initial appointments
  • Staff productivity
  • Staff satisfaction and retention
  • Program revenue

Return on investment

Our services for 1 year cost $50,000, at the end of the year the Life Path Counseling Program will generate at least $80,000 in revenue in order to be out of the negative. For every $1 you spend, you will receive $1.60 in revenue generated, this equates to a 60% return on investment (ROI).

Awesome Solutions Consulting

A combined 35 years of consultation experience ready to serve you to meet your needs.