The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

Help in the act to find facts about the lindbergh kidnapping

How can you tell that Bruno Richard Hauptmann was the one who killed Charles.

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In the year of 1932, the son of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped from his home in between the hours of 8:00-10:00pm, (Lindbergh kidnapping, 2011). The first person to realise Charlie's absence was the family maid, Betty Gow. When Betty first told the Lindberghs they did not believe her, but when they went to see for themselves, they finnaly understood the situation, (Bryant, 2004). On may, 12 1932, Charles's body was found. The discovery of his body led to one of the largest searches in history, (Lindbergh baby kidnapped, 2009).


When the search began everyone was in question, and when a suspicious man paid someone in a gas station with gold certificates, a finger was pointed at him, (Lindbergh kidnapping, 2011). The man in question was a German named Bruno Richard Hauptmann, (Lindbergh baby kidnapped, 2009). The woman luckily caught his license plate number, so in the following days police arrived at Hauptmann's home and began to search his house. When they were searching his house they found some of the ransom money hidden in his garage. The police decided to go even deeper, and fnd out if Hauptmann wrote the ransom note, and according to the hand writing experts, Hauptmann dis write the notes, (Lindbergh baby kidnapped, 2009).
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  • Lindbergh actually hired Bruno to to "kidnap" Charles, but then accidentily dropped him off the ladder, (Lindbergh baby kidnapped, 2009).
  • The ladder at the scene of the crime, was made out of pieces of Hauptmann's house,(Bryant, 2004).
  • Hauptmann didnt actually kidnap Charles; still wrote the notes, but did not kidnapp/kill him, (Lindbergh kidnapping, 2011).
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The most plausible theory

The most plausible theory is the third theory, or the theory where Bruno did not kidnapp, or kill Charles, but was apart of it. This is the most plausible theory because there was not enough evidence to kill Bruno in the first place, all they knew was that Bruno had written the notes, the ladder was feom his house, and that he had some of the ransom money. So i believe that Hauptmann was not rightfully accused, and should not have been killed. I know that Hauptmann was apart of the crime, but i dont think he actually kidnapped/killed Charles.