Huck Finn's Adventures

By, Jeremy Lesniak

Huck and Jim

  • Huck Finn is a twelve year old boy who is kidnapped by is alcoholic father he calls Pap. As soon as he gets a chance to escape from his father. He decides he is going to run away and sail down the Mississippi River to start a new life.
  • Jim is Miss Watsons run away slave. He runs away because he is going to be sold. So he runs to Jacksons Island where he meets up with Huck Finn.

The Plan

Since Jim is a run away slave there are a hand full of people out looking for him. So Huck comes up with a plan for the two of them. Huck decides they are going to float down the Mississippi on a raft at night because Jim would be hard to see, and during the day there going to hide in the woods and rest.
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The Crooks

While Huck and Jim were floating down the river they noticed two men come running out of the woods with people chasing them. So Huck being the nice kid that he is lets them on so they can escape which only leaves problems for them in the end.
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Well, to make money the Crooks make Jim and Huck stop at towns to perform a skit from Romeo and Juliet just to make a quick buck. The towns people soon realize the entire thing is a scam. So they keep hoping from town to town scamming the residents.

The Grangerfords

Throughout the crooks skipping from town to town they run into the Grangerfords. Which is a very prestigious family in the town they live in. The take in Huck so he can have a place to stay. They have no Idea what he is actually apart of. Huck makes friends with one of the sons (Buck).

The Feud

The Grangerfords and the Shepardsons (another prestigious family) have been at war with each other for so long that the parents have know idea why. When everything is going good for Huck right now. He gets in trouble with one of the Grangerfords daughters. Little does he know he's helping her to escape the family to run off and get married with one of the Shepardsons sons. This will soon lead to a big problem.

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After what happened with the Grangerfords the four of them continue back down the river. Until they shortly run into the Wilks (another family). The two crooks take advantage of some news they hear about a family member that died a couple of days before they arrived.

After a while of scamming the family for all there money and telling them they where really the two brothers of the dead family member. The real brothers show up, then all heck breaks loose.

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Run Away

After the people figure out that the crooks where really lying about everything that they have said. Huck and the crooks are threatened to be killed. When the towns people take the three of them to the grave site. Huck slips away and gets to the raft where Jim has been the whole time. They both take off and try to escape the crooks and the townspeople. But fail and see the crooks come running and jump on the raft.


Well for a couple of days the Crooks have been very quiet and been talking secretly about something. When they reach the next town Huck goes to explore it. When he returns Jim is missing he asks the Duke(one of the crooks) where he is and he says the King (other crook) sold him for $40.
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Phelps, Tom Sawyer

Huck figures out where Jim is being held prisoner and goes to the Phelps House. A little does he Know its Tom Sawyers house, Huck's best friend. Since Huck was there first he says he is Tom Sawyer so he is let in. Later on when Tom arrives he comes up with a name for him. Tom agrees to help out Huck with freeing Jim. Tom loves these kinds of things because he reads about them in books. During everything Tom comes up with some dumb plans to free Jim that would never work.

The Escape

When Huck and Tom were not expecting it there were a bunch of people by the shed getting ready to attack it. Jim jumps through a hole in the wall that he makes and the three boys jump over a fence. But Tom makes a noise and the people start shooting. As they get the raft Tom says he is shot in the leg.


Jim was willing enough to get rid of his freedom to get Tom the nursing he needed to heal the bullet wound.


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