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Week of May 6th, 2019

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Hello Riverside County!

The countdown is on! Hang on tight for the next few weeks. Summer will be here before you know it! I tend to start to dwindle off in all of my homeschool efforts at this point, but I am determined to finish strong! I encourage you to do the same. Get out on some field trips to spice things up for the end of this year. Out of instructional funds? Look into free field trips in the Inland Empire and Orange County.

In this week's newsletter, we spotlight Inspire's

Online Subscription Package option - MobyMax!

Our 'Vendor Spotlight' features Tinker The Robot!

Make sure to read about both in this edition.

Also, be sure to check out Inspiration Station.

It is filled with many fantastic field trips designed by our HSTs and Liaisons just for you!

Scroll through often and see all that is offered throughout Southern California!

Please reach out anytime and get to know us!

We are so happy to answer all of your questions and guide you through

learning about homeschool philosophy, curriculum, and the homeschool lifestyle!

Don't let yourself drown in worry or fear over homeschooling.

If you find yourself there, reach out!

We are hoping to connect with you soon!

Audrey & Candice

The Adventure of Learning with Inspire Charter School!

Enrollment for the 2019/20 school year has opened!

Head HERE to enroll!

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Your Inspire Riverside County Team!

Your Riverside County Homeschool Teachers and Family Liaisons are always here for you! Reach out to your HST or Family Liaison for support, advice, and connections with the homeschool community around you!

Look how we've grown since August!

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Test Prep!

Testing dates are nearly upon us! Our wonderful teachers have compiled a list of resources and links to practice tests to help your student feel comfortable with the testing process.

CAST Resources

SBAC Resources

Test Prep Day in Temecula!

Can I just toot the horn for our Inspire Teachers?!? The Temecula team hosted a Test Prep Day this week for all students. I brought my two, a fifth grader and a third grader, and they LOVED it! They’re anxious testers and our awesome HSTs helped them understand the test and ways to prep themselves with fun games and helpful crafts with wonderful little reminders ❤️

As an Inspire parent, thank you, Teachers, for caring ❤️

Melissa Webb's FREE Test Prep for Writing Success Webinar!

Last night I had the privilege of attending Melissa Webb's online parent webinar. I am so grateful I did! Her webinar was very informative for our upcoming state testing. Three of my kids are testing this year and this webinar was just what I needed!

You're in luck! It was recorded! Here is the information below...

Tonight I hosted my LAST live, online event for the Test Prep for Writing Success 2019 parent webinar. And, what a special and wonderful group we had. THANK YOU to all who gave of their time and energy.

If you missed it, no worries! We remembered to record it. And, as promised, before my head hits the pillow, here is all you requested.


Also, when you are done watching the video, no doubt you'll be ready to dive into the FREE sets of lessons I have created for you. To access those:

==> Go to writeonwebb.teachable.com

==> Choose the Test Prep for Writing Success Course toward the bottom of the page

==> Click on "Enroll in Course for $39"

==> On the Order Summary page, enter TP2019where you see "Add Coupon"

==> Complete the registration

==> Access the three courses. Feel free to start with any of the three bundled options. My recommendation is to start with your child's "weakest link."

Finally, some of you shared an interest in having me save you a spot for my ONLINE WRITING PROGRAM for the FALL of 2019. I would LOVE to have you and your kiddo join our community. Sign up if you are interested.

Fall 2019 Writing Course Registration Form

Did you want to join our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP? It may offer a little extra support and we'd love to have you connect with us. Homeschooling is a journey to share with like-minded, positive, family-first kind of friends. That's us!

And, of course, if you have any questions, please let me know. I'm here to support you.

Have a lovely weekend.


Write on!

SAVE THE DATE: Riverside County Graduation 2019

Please save the date for our 2019 promotion and graduation ceremony!

We will have many more details coming soon!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

2 pm

Sandals Church Hunter Park

150 Palmyrita Avenue


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2019 Summer Camps!

Head over to this list of Inspire Approved Vendor's Summer Camps. The information is organized by city and in alphabetical order. This list will be continually updated so be sure to check back regularly.

2019-2020 Online Subscription Package (OSP)!

The 2019-2020 Online Subscription Package (OSP) options have been finalized and we’re excited to announce our new package options!

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Over 20 subscriptions to choose from with 7 curriculum options and 14 educational apps and resources -- including a 24/7, live online tutoring subscription for all subjects!

  • 16 options for grades TK-3 .. 17-20 options for grades 3-8 .. 12-13 options for grades 9-12

  • Shmoop and Rosetta Stone® Foundations (Spanish, French, and German) are A-G approved curriculum options for high school

  • BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: ABC Mouse, Discovery Education Streaming Plus with Science Techbook, and Vocabulary Spelling City

  • NEW: Beast Academy Online, Rosetta Stone Foundations, Dreambox Learning, myON Reader & myON News w/Accelerated Reader, Typing Agent, and TutorMe

This year’s OSP options are valued at more than $2,400 *

* value based on the retail value for the 5 most expensive subscriptions

Here is the linked 19-20 OSP Flyer - The flyer is hyperlinked to allow you to click on each of the subscriptions listed and go to the vendor’s website.

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Inspiring Talks!

Brave Writer’s Julie Bogart followed up her in person Inspiring Talks with part one of a three-part webinar series The Writer's Jungle: A Survivor's Guide to Writing with Kids.


Copy and paste the link into your web browser or click on the link above to access the recording.

Want to Join a Brave Learner Book Club?

Many of you were inspired by Julie Bogart's online, or in person Inspiring Talks and asked about forming a The Brave Learner Book Club. We want to help facilitate bringing Brave Writer fans together. If you're interested, please take a minute to let us know what works best for you by clicking on the link below.


Coming soon! Part two of our three-part Brave Writer webinar series: Writing Across the Curriculum on Wednesday, May 1st at 1 p.m.

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High School!

Did you know that our counseling team hosts virtual information sessions throughout the year? Each session is recorded, and you can view them HERE!

Session recordings include:

  • The College Application Process
  • UC/CSU Application Process
  • Common Application Info Session

Make sure you head over to Inspire High School Resource Site for all things High School.

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Inspire Special Education Department Monthly Newsletter!

Dear Inspire Parents,

Inspire Special Education Department is excited to share a new project with you – our Monthly Special Education Website and Newsletters. We hope that you find the information presented in our newsletter meaningful and applicable to your needs. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions on topics to cover.

Inspire Special Education Department Parent and Teacher Newsletter April 2019

You can also access our Inspire Cares website to support you in your homeschooling journey and view all of our newsletters!


Anna Lindahl

Statewide Parent Outreach Coordinator

Inspire Charter Schools

Ph: (619) 627-9623

E: annalindahl@inspireschools.org

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Enrichment item returns!

Dear Inspire Families,

We are continuing to stock the Corona Lending Library and need your help! If you have any enrichment items, including curriculum, please let your teacher know as soon as possible.

Thank you for all of your help!

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Inspiration Station Booking REMINDERS!

Did you know that you can log into your account on Inspiration Station to view ALL of your field trip bookings?? Checking my account is a regular part of my "Field Trip Booking Routine". I check this by selecting My Account from the drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of the Inspiration Station site. Here you will find all of the field trips you have booked. I advise everyone to always double check the field trip you had just booked by checking the amount and names of the tickets purchased. It's a great time to also input the trip date, time, and host contact information into your planner.

Happy Planning!

Field Trip Booking Tutorial

Want a step by step tutorial for booking your next field trip tickets on Inspiration Station? Watch this tutorial!

Utilizing Enrichment Certificates for Service Orders

Please make sure to submit your service orders 2-4 weeks prior to the start of services to allow for sufficient time for your orders to be processed. Once you have your enrichment certificate and give it to your service vendor, that is when you can begin your services.

Inspire Preferred Vendor Programs Weekly Info Sessions!

Learn more about Inspire's unique enrichment opportunities!

Next info session is Thursday, May 9th at 10 am

Join by computer:


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Great News for Readers!

Inspire is excited to announce that we now offer Accelerated Reader for students in TK-12th grade! The cost for this program is just $20 per student in instructional funds and can be requested through your HST. Please note this program does not include books.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer program that helps parents manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice. Your child selects a book rather than having one assigned to them and reads it at their own pace. This makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them. They may also read articles of interest right on the screen. When finished, your child will take a short quiz on the computer. (Passing the quiz is an indication that your child understood what was read.) In addition, when an LP meeting comes up, you can easily print up the list of books that your child read and share it with your HST.

If you are interested in signing up for Accelerated Reader, please let your HST know. They will be happy to assist you.

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Every Kid in a Park!

Did you know? There is a federal public lands youth initiative to get all 4th graders and their families to experience the places that are home to our country’s natural treasures, rich history, and vibrant culture.

To help engage and create our next generation of park visitors, supporters and advocates, Federal Land Management agencies, launched the Every Kid in a Park initiative. The immediate goal is to provide an opportunity for each and every 4th-grade student across the country to experience their federal public lands and waters in person throughout the school year.

Every year, beginning September 1, all kids in the fourth grade have access to their own Every Kid in a Park pass at www.everykidinapark.gov. This pass provides free access to national parks across the country.

The Every Kid in a Park pass is good for the 4th grade school year, until August 31, 2019. Information on obtaining the pass is available by visiting www.everykidinapark.gov.

Facebook Live! at the Corona Lending Library

Candice and Audrey, your Riverside County Family Liaisons take you on a tour with Librarian Lisa at the Corona Lending Library!

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Riverside County Library System EVENTS!

Make sure you're in the "know" for all the events happening at the Riverside County Libraries!

Head over to http://rivlib.info/website/events

This Week's Vendor Spotlight: Tinker The Robot

This week we are spotlighting a vendor that services all of Southern California! It's Tinker The Robot and here is what Kay has to say:

Are you and your child always looking for fun and adventure? Does the idea of going on a time-traveling quest intrigue you? Is your eyebrow raised? ;)

Then come by and check out Tinker the Robot! Not totally convinced yet? Well, Tinker the Robot was created by two engineers who love tinkering, hacking and dreaming up crazy inventions. Yes, we've built a remote control cookie oven. And now we want to share that love with you and your kids! We’ve created an Adventure in a Box where you and your kids will join Tinker on a journey while building prototypes and learning science and engineering!

You'll be able to connect with the engineers on Facebook, Online Website, or by email!

Find Tinker The Robot on the Vendor List as "Tinker The Robot - Kay Yang"

This Week's OSP (Online Subscription Package) Spotlight: MobyMax!

The 2019-2020 Online Subscription Package (OSP) options are finalized, and we’re spotlighting every option - every week!

This week we look at MobyMax! This is geared towards TK through 8 and is an online curriculum used to find and fix learning gaps in students grades K through 8th. Subjects include math, reading/language, social studies, and science. It includes Moby Learning and Assessments which both work to catch students up to grade level.

You will receive access to the full Moby Suite for each student who opts-in for the 2019-2020 school year, along with a teacher account to view and customize your student's learning experience. To be clear - although the parent will receive a teacher account, the parent will not be able to add their own students, so only students who opt-in will receive a student account.

If you used MobyMax through the 2018-2019 OSP and choose it again for 2019-2020, your student's account information will roll over.

For more details on this OSP option and all the other OSP subscriptions, head over to the OSP Handbook.

Have a question regarding the Online Subscription Package? Email osp@inspireschools.org

Sharing The Homeschool Heart... How to homeschool multiple ages.

One of the questions I get the most is, "How do I homeschool multiple ages/grades?" This is such an important thing to talk about. No two homeschool parents are the same, and each family will look wildly different from the next, but there are some general things to consider when talking about homeschooling a larger group.

First of all, don't try three, four, or more separate curriculums. That is way too much to focus on and will leave everyone feeling burnt out. Spend your time getting creative for science and history and any electives you'd like to introduce.

To study one topic altogether think along the lines of a unit study system. Let's look at the example of volcanoes, specifically, Mount St. Helens.

For a unit study on volcanoes and Mount St. Helens, you would head to the library and gather as many books as you can find in all age ranges. All of the kids can devour each of the books. Don't worry if the middle schooler is checking out the picture books that the kindergartener is as well. All is valuable information and will help lock in facts and info as you go along. Use this study time to read to the kids, have them read to you, have them read to each other and watch videos and documentaries about Mount St. Helens. Head to YouTube and type in Mount St. Helens eruptions; you will see many videos to view the actual footage of the eruptions happening. Also, check out this volcano facts video. https://youtu.be/x-6bGUffwtA

After you have done all of your studying, practice fun and creative ways to showcase what you've learned, build salt dough maps, work on colorful worksheets, let the kids explode many volcanoes on their own out in the backyard. Create and build dioramas. You can even allow the kids to make their own videos based on your topic. Collectively, you will have learned and explored together, each at their own pace and age level — each equally gaining knowledge and growing together as an intellectual family unit.

Going about your day with little ones underfoot and homeschooling can be challenging at times. The best advice I have for young homeschool families is to keep the little ones with you and include them in any way possible. I like to grab a snack, a blanket, some water and head outside with young learners and the little siblings.

Making the environment safe and fun for babies and toddlers frees up more time for you to spend reading on a picnic blanket to your homeschooler, or going on a bug hunt. Use the time you have outside to explore the world around you and discuss it: collect sticks, rocks, and leaves. Count and sort them. You can work on grouping with things in nature. Sitting outside and merely discussing your observations of the plants, animals, and insects around you can lead to lengthy and fulfilling instruction time. Often, the babies and toddlers are entirely content to snuggle with and play with you all as you're enjoying the outdoors. Sometimes it's as simple as realizing that incredible amounts of school-like experiences happen all day long. Seeing them and taking the time to utilize your opportunities, can bring forth a very rich and vibrant education with very little work and with very unsuspecting kiddos. Head outside and give it a shot!

Additionally, when you have older kids that are nearing high school or in high school, most often the goal is to create an independent learner at this stage. Think of ways to help your older junior high student or high-schooler. Allow them to branch off on their own and take responsibility and ownership over their education. Maybe that's an online course, or perhaps that is a dual-enrolled college course. At this stage in life with a homeschooler who is older, my goal is to get them as independent as possible, so they are college and career-ready. I want them to have confidence and ability going into a more adult-like situation, practicing that now as a homeschooler gives them more freedom and opportunities to explore educating themselves and taking ownership. I also believe that allowing your high school student to take on a small portion of teaching younger ones can be very beneficial for the older and younger kids. Allowing the high school homeschoolers to create a class for the younger ones or teach a unit study builds confidence into your high schooler and requires them to practice more study skills in preparation for teaching younger kids. Allowing your younger kids to be taught by someone else opens up their homeschool experiences and makes for a very fun, out of the box homeschool day.

This entire experience is continuously a work in progress. Don't get down on yourself when things seem rough or you feel like you can't find your way. Get creative, get outside, surround yourself with other homeschool families who know what it's like to walk the road you do and who can encourage you along that path. It's a long and hard journey, but it is a journey worth taking.

~ Candice


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