Made from trees, grasses, and waste

How it works..

Scientists are using all of the parts of plants to make bio-fuels.
These plants include:
  • Trees
  • Grasses
  • Forestry waste
  • Wood chippings

You're gonna wanna use our bio-fuels!

Some Advantages include:

  • Willow, poplar, switch grass and miscanthus grow back fast
  • Land that isn't fit for crops can be used for trees so, no crops can get harmed
  • They can be modified to use less water
  • They can help remove certain chemicals
Trust me, these advantages can't be beat!

Did you know?!?

Did you know that scientists are developing new technologies that enable all parts of the plant to be used in bio-fuel production?
Also, when they do this, they modify the plants!
How cool is that?
**Some disadvantages may include, it is more complex, the technology being used still needs to be perfected. (The disadvantages are not limited to these.)**