Islamic Religion

by aubrey

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The Islamic religion was created by Muhammad in 610 AD

Basic Practices/Beliefs

-There is only ONE true god (Allah)

-No one shares Allah's divinity

-Do not believe that Allah sleep, tires, or dies.

-Believe any individual can speak to Allah directly without having to go through an intermediary source (like praying to Jesus to pray to God)

-Pillars of Islam & Pillars of Faith

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Views About:


*"Major Sins" punishable in this world and the next

*"Minor Sins" overlooked and not mentioned in the Quar'an


*Life after death in which an individual is in a paradise type world between death and resurrection awaiting the Day of Judgement


*Punishment by angels for unbelievers

-Rich & Poor

*All individuals are equal in the eyes of Allah and should help those who are poorer and less fortunate


*Religious duty, moral safeguard, and social necessity that establishes families


*Not approved of, but not banned either because it's not specifically mentioned in the Quar'an

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