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Wednesday, February 10th, Day 3

Attention Staff

Brian Amesbury and Katie Piedici are out today

Spring bouquet Sale! Floral arrangements are $10 each and will be delivered 2/29-3/1. Order forms are located in the grade level offices and copy rooms, you may also email Karen Polimeni or Lori LaFave. All proceeds to benefit Canandaigua Comfort Care Home. This replaces the Compassionate Care fundraiser.

Reminder: The Invention Convention classroom visits begin on Monday. You should receive an email from Sign Up Genius 2 days before your scheduled time. The link to check your sign up time or to sign up is IF you have not signed up yet, please email your day and time to Lynn Coleates, Beth Dombrowski, and your grade level secretary. The schedule was printed at 3:00 on Friday.

Wanted: Josh Mull is looking for paper or plastic grocery bags

Both Health offices are in need of gently used sweatpants/wind pants/leggings for boys and girls. Thanks

If anyone is interested in buying raffle tickets for the 2016 Scott Delforte Park Jam, please see Mary Jo Zahn. Drawing will be on February 13, 2016 at Bristol Mountain.

The refrigerators and freezers will be cleaned out over February break. Anything with a name on it will be saved. A couple freezers are overflowing with unopened ice cream treats from last year, please claim them if they are yours!


2/11-8am-Grade Level Meetings (Grade Level Leader's Room)

2/23-7:45am- SIPT-room 463

2/25- Curriculum Collaboration


2/10 RMSC (Hart & Kuchman)

2/11 RMSC, Strasenburgh Planetarium (Hopkins, Holzchuh & Beaudoin)


Avery, Wendy/ Lauralee Turner

Ayers, Katherine/ no sub

Boylan, Kristine/ Shelly O'Brien

Buck, Debbie Bonnie Passero

Green, Maria/Kristin Galens

Harris, Amanda/ .5 pm/ Tabitha Metz

Hart, Marcy/ no sub

Hopkins, Erin/ .5 am/ Tabitha Metz

Ieda, Carrie/ Quinn Simmons

Ieda, Chris/ no sub

Johnsoton, Cindy/ Chris Suffredini

Mahoney, Ellen/ Beth Smythe

Peterson, Oreshya/ .5 pm/Ulana Fuller

Rause, Mike/ .25 pm Sue Hogan

Sanderson, Sherry/ .25 pm/ no sub

Scammell, Kelly no sub

Schopinsky, Kathleen/ Danielle Greer

Sossong, Shelly/ .25 pm/ Sue Burgess

Wade, Amy, .25 pm

Wells, Katherine/ no sub

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February Birthdays

2/19-Lisa Cooke

2/24-Katherine Adams

2/25-Dawn DeMott

2/25-Ann VonRhedy

2/25-Julie Marie Smith

2/26-Meaghan Smith

Dream Big. Work Hard. Create. Play Fair. Make a Difference.

Enrollment Changes

New Student:

2/8-Elainna Nearpass-Kindergarten-Mrs. Pavone

Leaving the District:

Returning to the District:

2/9-Lukus Hineman-3rd Grade-Mrs. O'Reilly

2/19- Leelend Hineman-4th Grade-Mrs. Bills