Randall Middle School

Newsletter, June 2022

News From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

It’s hard to believe that it is now June! We have had a school year full of high levels of learning, both academic learning and social/emotional learning. As you prepare for summer with your student, we encourage you to enjoy time with one another. As you enjoy time together, observe how your student reacts to disappointments such as losing a game or being told “no.” For many of our students, losing a game they’re playing, being redirected, or being told “no” by an adult can result in inappropriate responses. Part of growing as a youth is learning how to cope with disappointments. Sometimes we want the difficult feelings to just go away, so we might take the path of lesser resistance and avoid giving consequences or avoid declaring a winner in a game. However, it’s actually healthier for our students to learn to cope with tough feelings and emotions. This allows them to grow and learn healthy coping strategies that they can carry through to their adult years. We appreciate your partnership as we help build resilience in our students.

Throughout our school year, we’ve learned about the 24 Positivity Project (P2) character strengths. You are able to access the P2 family resources, and these might help to support you at home. https://posproject.org/p2-for-families/ and enter P2 as the password.

We have some fun and exciting events planned for our students as we close out the school year. On Thursday, June 9 (rain date Friday, June 10) we will be hosting a Model School Celebration during the school day in honor of Randall Middle School being named a Model PLC School. We will then have the 5th and 6th Grade Track and Field events on June 13 and 14 at CHS on the track. On Wednesday, June 15 we will have our 6th Grade Musical Mary Poppins at 6pm at Randall. Our 6th graders have been working really hard preparing for this show. On Monday, June 21 our 6th graders will enjoy a 6th grade picnic and fun at Randall. On Tuesday, June 22 our 6th graders will have Moving Up Day, where we will cheer on and celebrate their accomplishments as they walk up to the Junior High.

As we prepare for the summer, we are also looking ahead to the 2022-2023 school year at Randall Middle School. Our Randall Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is always looking for participants! Please fill out this survey to indicate when you would prefer that we meet for the 22-23 school year!

We hope you all have a wonderful summer! Thank you for sharing your students with us!

With Purple Tiger Pride,

~Juli Quinn, Randall Middle School Principal

News From the Nurse

  • Physicals

    All 5th graders and any new admits to the Cortland School District, are required to have a physical examination. If your child has already had one and you have sent a copy to the nurse, you are all set. If your child needs a physical, please make an appointment to get one, then have it faxed to the nurse at (607)-758-4179. If you prefer a school physical, call the nurse. School physicals are scheduled every Tuesday morning. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the nurse at (607) 758-4174 or jneuman@cortlandschools.org

    Cortland City Schools have been selected by the state to provide BMI % data within the school district. The information will be taken from the health appraisals of students from the 2020/2021 school year. Each student’s health examination is required to include Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight status category (WSC). If you do not wish your child’s data (no personal identification) to be included in this survey please contact your school health office.


    • Call the Main Office if your child is absent or tardy.

    • Update phone numbers, contacts & health concerns.

    • Check your child's hair daily for any signs of lice/nits.

    • Pack a change of clothes for spills or accidents.

    • If your child needs medication in school, get a Doctor's order, bring in the medication, and sign paperwork.

    • Keep your children home if they are sick.

    • All children who are sent home from the nurse must have a COVID test and/or an alternate diagnosis from a Doctor.

    • COVID testing consent forms available online

    COVID tests Registration https://app.clarifi-covid-19.com

Numbers Ninjas

Students learn how to use the coordinate plane through movement and the square tiles on the floor of the Math Gymnasium. We celebrated a Number Ninja earlier this month. Happy birthday to Mr. Wallis!
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Positivity Project

Last month, we talked about Purpose and Leadership which concluded our formal study of each one of the 24 Character Traits. We have already begun our end-of-the-year, P2 Review! Each day, we have been focusing on a different trait. Be sure to watch the Morning Announcements to see students and staff contributing to this project in a variety of ways!

Randall Middle School Musical

Our Randall Middle School Musical will be held 6/15 at 6:00pm at Randall School. Our 6th graders have been working diligently to create the magical world of Mary Poppins to share with you all. Admission is $2/person or $5/family. There will also be photo prints for sale for $1 and $2 each.

5th and 6th Grade Track and Field Day

Randall students will get the chance to compete in a Track and Field Invitational at the high school on June 13th and June 14th. During physical education class, students are practicing the skills to be prepared for competition. This is the first annual Track and Field event so there will be new school records set! Students will compete in the 100m, 55m hurdles, 400m, high jump, long jump, and softball throw. There will be a class vs class 4x100m relay at the end. Cortland’s Varsity Track and Field Teams will help out at the event. Randall students are very excited to compete!

FREE Summer Band/Orchestra Lessons!

The district is excited to offer free band and orchestra lessons to students in our band/orchestra programs at Smith, Randall, and the Junior/Senior High! Form for band lesson registration is here. Form for orchestra lesson registration is here.

Library News

We are beginning to wind down here in the library! Our fifth graders are working on creating stories based on a “images only” everybody book by Chris Van Allsburg, and 6th graders are designing their very own tile to paint in the Randall hallway that will immortalize them forever.

ALL BOOKS will be due to the library by FRIDAY JUNE 10, so please start looking for any library books that may be at home and bringing them back in.

Next Years 7th Graders!

Incoming 7th graders! Are you excited to learn about the makerspace opportunities at the high school? If so, sign up for our summer makerspace camp! Space is limited, so please sign up here ASAP.

5th Grade Math

The 5th grade students have been eagerly exploring the coordinate plane in math class! What better way to learn about the coordinate plane than a friendly game of Battleship?
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Baskets & Bingo Fund Raiser

News: Please join us at our Randall Middle School Baskets & Bingo Fund Raiser for the Randall Middle School PTO on Friday, June 3 at 6pm! We have many valuable baskets that will be raffled off!

Renovations to Randall Park

The Cortland Youth Bureau is currently planning renovations to Randall Park. Please join on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 as they seek input from the public!
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