Leonardo DA VInci

BY Tamara Glover

Leonardo DA vinci Occupation

leonardo Da vinci occupation was a painter,scupltor, architect,musicain, mathematics,engineer,inventor,anatomist geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.

he was a multi-tasker.

Leonardo Da Vinci brith, country , city

leonardo Da vinci was born apirl 15, 1452 in vinci italy at the third hour of the night in the tuscan hiil town of vinci, i the lower valley of the arno river in the territory of florence.

3 facts about Leonardo Da vinci creation

1.leonardo Da vinci natural genius crossed so many discipines that the epitomized the term renaissance man.

2. da vinci believed was indisputably conntected with science and nature. he filled dozens of secert notebooks with inventions observtion and therories about pursuits from aeronautics to anatomy.

3. around 1482 he began to paint his first commissioned work, te adoration of the magi, for florenes san donato, a scopeto monastery


A. how did society change bescuae Da VInci accomplished?

da vinci change the society by his accomplishment by inventing thing people will use later in life.

B. what did Da vinci creation or invention create change or beauty for other people?

it change people they look in painting and how people look at painting