Baker's Bulletin

February 7, 2014

Happy 100th Day of School!

We celebrated our 100th day of first grade today! We built structures with 100 toothpicks and 100 marshmallows, we did 100 piece puzzles, we wrote about what we would buy with $100 or what our lives will be like when we are 100 years old. We did 100 box name patterns and wrote 100 words that we could spell. But, of course, our favorite thing was making a 100 Day snack with 10 groups of 10 items. Thank you parents for sending in the goodies! In the afternoon we counted how many times we could jump in 100 seconds and how many times we could write our name in 100 seconds.

A peek at next week...

Tiles- ou and ow, compound words, suffixes -ed and -ing with doubled consonants

Language Arts- Adding details in writing, contractions

Math- Valentine's Day math activities that teach graphing, probability, adding and coordinates on a graph

Science- Introduce Biome study (1C will be focusing on grasslands (African savannah)

Super Scientist- Tuesday-Sydney, Thursday- Jayden

And also...

Valentine boxes are due on Thursday. Please be sure the boxes are clearly labeled on the top, with your child's name. Send your child's Valentines for distribution in a bag (the bag may be placed in the box).

Our Valentine's Day party is Friday 2:00-3:00. Parents are welcome to attend.