Getting Started Module

First day of class!


Welcome to NCVPS Summer Honors Psychology Course! Today is the first day but many of you did login for Meet the Teacher. If this is your first time then please read the precious posts in the learning block.

This course is fast paced so please stay on pace. Each day I will post a thread with a list of "to do activities." If you complete them then you will be on pace.

Being able to navigate through the course is essential! Please let me know if you need help on how to navigate through the course.

List of activities to complete:

Here is your list of tasks for today:

#1. If you have not done so already: It is very important that we maintain contact throughout the semester. Your first task is to text me at 919-885-4357 with the following sentence, "My name is (First and Last Name) and I have been able to access the course." If you sent me a text earlier about understanding the expectations then you don't have to send me another text.

#2. Complete the Getting Started module. The Getting Started Lesson covers very important information that will help you navigate and complete the course work. As you go through your Getting Started module, you'll have some questions. Post any questions in the Getting Started forum. Your teacher will answer them in a timely manner. Remember to complete all tasks in the Getting Started module, especially the academic integrity agreement.

#3. Complete the Module 1 Pre-Test. Take the pre-assessment quiz to establish how much about our topic you already know. You are required to take this pre-assessment, but don't worry. It does not impact your grade!

#4. Review the glossary and any vocabulary practice. You will be required to know the terms included for the post assessment at the end of the module.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great day!
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A BIG shout out to the following for downloading BB Instant Message (IM)....




Please download bb IM today! See the post on communication for directions on how to download it or contact me and I will help you!