What makes a sentence?

what are the parts of a sentence? By: Elizabeth ILiff

Noun Phrase

A noun Phrase is a person place thing or idea, that has a pronoun before the word that makes it a phrase the most common words I use are the and a

-The lion

-That kitten

-The pretty ostrerich

Verb Phrase

A verb Phrase is a group of words that is defined as either a linking verb or a action verb, and is put into phrase form, that makes the predict of a sentence.

Linking verb and an Action verb is: am, is, are, was, were, being, and, been

What are the Articles of the English language?

The articles of the English language is a, an, the. An article is a specific item or object.
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What makes "I" a Pronoun?

When you use "I", it is used to replace a name of a noun/ a pronoun.

Sally asked Brianna if sally could go over to Brianna's house. - nope

Sally asked me if she could go over to my house. - yup

How do linking verbs and an action verbs differ?

Linking verbs are words that set up the verb phrase.

The cat(NP) was(LV) purring.(VP)

Action verbs are words that add on to the existing verb Phrase.

The lion(NP) roared loudly.(AV/VP)

Noun Phrase/Verb Phrase Part 1