Tiering Lessons

One Way to Differentiate

What is Tiering?

Tiering is teaching or applying the same objective in up to three ways to meet the needs of students at three levels of preparation: 1) students not yet ready for that grade level’s instruction, 2) students just ready, and 3) students ready to go beyond.

When Should You Try Tiering?

Tiering is more than a singular strategy. It is a concept that can be infused into small-group activities, differentiated homework assignments, learning centers, learning contracts, and even advanced classes. The greatest role tiering plays is in preparing a teacher for any given day’s activities by requiring that each of the three degrees of student readiness — not yet ready, just ready, ready to go beyond — are planned for and addressed in that day’s instruction.

Steps for Tiering

Examples of Tiering

Information used in this presentation has come from Learn NC