Mark Twain's Life


  • November 30,1835
  • Florida.Missouri
  • father died 12 years
  • sixth child
  • moved to Hannibal,Missouri
  • Lived in a river town

child hood

* Became a steam boat pilot in 1857

* moved to Nevada and became a reporter

* William howells is his editor and close friend

* He married Olivia Langon

* He made a lot of money spent on unsuccessful investment

* In 1894 his company went bankrupt

* In 1898 he paid his dept

* Him and Olivia moved to hart ford, Connecticut

* He began doing speeches all over the world


  • They had three kids
  • His oldest died in 1896 at a very young age
  • His wife died in 1905
  • Then he died in 1910 at the age of 75


  • Most books were from his child hood
  • his mom let him play hooky but he had to go to the office
  • He wrote for the Virgina City news paper
  • He drew books from life by the river
  • He only did school for 5 years
  • He got most education for working at print offices


  • fishing
  • boating
  • canoeing
  • writing