Electromagnetic Product Guide

Done By Morgan Mullen and Gary Torres

Cooking by Induction

Induction—Heat is induced into the cookware by an electromagnetic field effect. An electromagnetic coil beneath the ceramic cooking surface creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field passes through the cooking surface to ferrous (iron or steel) cookware, and by its oscillation, induces heat within the pan and cooks the contents. Cookware must have magnetic properties to work on induction cook tops. Non-magnetic metal such as aluminum cannot be used on induction ranges. The heat generated is in the cooking utensil itself as the cook top remains relatively cool since it is non-conductive. While popular in Europe, induction cook tops still account for only a tiny fraction of cooktops sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Something you might want to know

First off, Nikola Tesla was brilliant. And not just like Ken Jennings brilliant, either - I mean like, "holy crap my head just exploded (from all the awesome)" brilliant. He conducted the sort of crazy experiments that generally result in hordes of angry villagers breaking down the door to your lab with torches and pitchforks. One time, while he was working on magnetic resonance, he discovered the resonant frequency of the Earth and caused an earthquake so powerful that it almost obliterated the 5th Avenue New York building that housed his Frankenstein Castle of a laboratory. Stuff was flying off the walls, the drywall was breaking apart, the cops were coming after him, and Tesla had to smash his device with a sledge hammer to keep it from demolishing an entire city block. Later, he boasted that he could have built a device powerful enough to split the Earth in two. Nobody dared him to prove it.

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When would I ever use electromagnetism in my life?

You use electromagnetism every day. The alarm in your house uses electronic signals to communicate with the sensor above the doors, or on the windows.

Metal Dectectors


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You could use one of these when at the beach, at the house, to locate your car. These metal detectors have lots of uses.

A magnetic field that pulses back and forth into the ground it interacts with any conductive objects it encounters causing it to generate weak magnetic fields of their own.

Induction Cookers


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This wonderful cooking mechanism uses

House Alarm


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Keep your house safe and secure from you in-laws with this handy electromagnetic remote controlled House Alarm.

House alarms run a magnetic circuit through the perimeter. when that circuit is broken a trip wire triggers a magnetic pulse that then sounds that alarm informing anyone and everyone that there is an intruder

Pen Tablet


You can use this at work, on the go, just sync up and use like any other mouse and keyboard. No hassle, no wires, no headaches.

It uses electromagnetic induction between the tablet and the styles witch uses and electronic battery which transmites signals over space to the tablet keeping the tablet aware of where it is and what it's doing.

Male Driver Syndrome Treatment Option


One time treatment for males who have difficulty asking for directions. This treatment will enable males to utilize the honing capabilities of pigeons by transferring the honing mechanism of pigeons into the minds of affected males. This grants them freedom from their nagging wife.



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Communicate with nearby women when the wife is out of the room when you get sick of her.

The telegraph uses electric pulses to transmit coded messages through a wire to a receiver.

Mechanically Powered Flash Light


This flashlight could come in handy when a zombie apoclypse does rise and the energy reserves have been depleted you have a source of light when venturing through unknown territory.

The flashlight uses the muscle power of the user or can be charge from a running cord. When the battery does die however, the battery can be recharged by simply cranking it.



This will come in handy when trying to impress the girl across the street when you pull out of the drive blasting that techno music that you now have a kicking bass for it.

Speakers use electronic signals and turn then into sound

Television Set


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CRT televisions also make use of electromagnets to control the motion of the electron beam in the tube. The electron beam moves across the back of the screen and causes phosphor dots to glow, which generates the picture



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An Alternator is an electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy