Family Principles That Transform

With Dr. Tim Thayne & Amy F. Weinberger, M.S.Ed.

Save the Date - Saturday, February 20, 2016

If you treat or have teenage sons or daughters who are currently or have been in an adventure wilderness program, a residential treatment program, a therapeutic boarding school, a transitional program or back in the home, then this comprehensive palatable interactive workshop is for you. It will provide the strategies necessary for successes. It is the game changer for your teen's treatment outcomes.

Dr. Tim Thayne, founder of the Family Bridge, and Amy F. Weinberger, M.S.Ed., founder/director of The Thinking Center, collaborate so that your return on your emotional, financial, and family investment remains secure. This is the introductory conversation and action plan for families to connect with other local families to create a network of support. This event is the first in a continuing series to help families and wrap-around service providers collaborate to build home teams, stay on track with parenting principles, and practice solution talk.

True Family Principles that Can Transform Our Families for Positive Breakthroughs

Saturday, Feb. 20th, 10am-12pm

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites 5730 Gantt Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

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Agenda & Costs


  • How beliefs and assumptions affect our family relationships
  • Reversing negative patterns


  • The magic of forgiveness and letting go
  • Nurturing the relationship

Cost per family (includes book) = $75

"I am more convinced than ever that the extended and integrative transitional support Thayne offers is a critical component for lasting change."

About Dr. Tim Thayne

Dr. Tim Thayne has been an avid supporter of strong families for 20 years. Receiving his master's and doctoral degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, he has written Taking the Reins, trained and personally coached organizational leaders around interpersonal relations as well as the fall-out of restructuring in companies. He continues to own a private practice even as he has served as a primary therapist, and owner of wilderness and residential treatment programs. In 2005 he founded Homeward Bound to help families transition and maintain the growth and gains made in treatment. He speaks, presents, and writes regularly on the crucial roles parents and communities play during a struggling teen's treatment and transition home again.

Knowing that parents are the ultimate leaders and shapers of their home environment, Tim works to equip them with the understanding, skills, and stamina they need to seek out the best help for their children, while also building on strengths and shoring up weaknesses in parenting. Family Bridge, an online social media/clinical tool, was created by Tim and his team to ensure better long-term outcomes for families, and is used by dozens of treatment programs today.

As a well-respected professional in the field of adolescent treatment, Tim's contributions of research, experience and energy equip families with the courage, optimism, and customized game plan they need to lead out for their families.

Tim lives in Utah with his wife Roxanne and their five children. He owns an all-natural hog farm, trains horses, and shares his love of nature and wildlife with his family.

"Amy Weinberger is passionate about helping kids that are struggling and it drives her to work long and hard. She is respected, infectiously fun, positive, caring, persistent, smart, ethical, resourceful, and effective." - Jolena Sloane, Parent

About Amy Falk Weinberger, M.S.Ed.

Amy F. Weinberger, M.S. Ed., Founder/Director of The Thinking Center (1991) continues to bring her communities (local, regional, national and international) innovative and functional interventions that help students and families get to "yes" in their educational lives. As education and students' needs transform, The Thinking Center also transitions to remain on the cutting edge of intervention services. Amy is passionate about guiding families through the process of navigating school or program placements, intervention and transition planning, academic coaching, and reading instruction. She has founded two intervention schools and two camps. She is a graduate of Oxford College, Emory University and Wilkes University. As a well-respected professional in the field of education, Amy's contributions of experience, energy and enthusiasm equip families with the tools they need to be parent leaders within their family system. Amy lives in Florida with her husband, Steve. She home schooled their kids from middle to high school. Erin is a licensed massage therapist in NYC, professional actress/dancer and stilt walker with NYC Stilt as well as a BS candidate at ASU in Integrated Health. Jake is an EMT student as well as a candidate for Fire School. The couple enjoys everything water, sunshine and fresh air!