Early Childhood Newsletter

March 28, 2017

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Did you know . . .

  • While mediocre Pre-K benefits fade by 3rd – 5th grades, High Quality Pre-K programs are shown to have a lifelong impact?

  • Pre-k students’ exit skills are an accurate predictor of high school graduation?

  • Pre-k students’ exit math skill level is the most accurate predictor of college attendance?

  • Preschoolers with close teacher relationships have better school achievement, better social skills, and fewer behavior problems throughout elementary school?

Upcoming sessions!

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Shadows and Light in Pre-K and K

Join us 4/17 as we explore Shadows and Light and then spend the afternoon creating, planning, and sharing other science based integrated units.

Phonologically Aware in Pre-K - 1

On April 19th, we will focus on instruction in Phonological Awareness using the continuum to develop grade level appropriate instruction and activities.

Nurturing Creativity in the Pre-K - 1 classroom

April 21st: Did you know that the U.S. is the only developed nation where creativity scores have declined over the last 30 years? How do we reverse the trend?

Culturally Aware Family Engagement

April 25th: We will explore the research on family engagement, cultural differences that could hinder our efforts, and successful strategies to reach out and partner with our parents. Listen as other participants share success stories.

Engaging Centers and Activities

April 27th: Come and design engaging, standard based centers! I'll share the many center ideas I've collected. Please bring and share the ones that work in your classroom!

Thematic Planning with Science, PK - 1

May 5th: We will explore teaching with content rich thematic units that incorporate multiple subject learning expectations. Bring your standards and curricular materials to collaboratively plan Science based thematic units.

Pre-K Guidelines

May 9: Participants will unpack the PreK Guidelines and discuss how the guidelines will be used in their classrooms. Please bring your guidelines, year at a glance, and curricular materials to plan with during the afternoon.

Phonologically Aware

May 12: We know that phonological and phonemic awareness are the prerequisites for all literacy learning. How do we provide that base? In the afternoon, work together to find, create, and share activities that you can use with your class tomorrow!