12 genres By: Khushi Bansal


Description:A story that is based on non-realistic elements

Ex:Harry Potter-because it has wizards, wands and etc which are not realistic.


Definition: This is a genre usually create a sense of fear,fright,and anything that might scare you.

Ex: Shadow of Night

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Historical Fiction

Definition:is a genre that the author has written about the past.

Ex: Just Like - this is counted as a historical fiction book because it was taken back in time

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Science Fiction

Science Fiction usually consists of stories being told about science and technology in the future. It is not always true because you will soon start to feel your are reading the genre fantasy. Science fiction often tells us about new discoveries and situations and how they could affect us in the future. The setting is frequently told in the future, in space, or in a different universe or dimension.

Ex: Star Wars

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A memoir is very similar to an autobiography, but is unique because it focuses only on the author’s public life. An autobiography includes both the public and private life of the author. A memoir is written in the point of view of the author, with the purpose of writing about a public or historical event. It is written by the point of view of the author.

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Novels that are funny and cheerful. They are popular for their fun,lighthearted, and witty stories.


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Adventure book are books that include a lot of danger, action, and risk taking. The hero usually find out a lot about themselves during the adventure. The event of the adventure don’t happen everyday.


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When a person writes a book about their own life. They usually write thier life experiences,people they have met,things they have seen, and what they have learned.


  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By: Mindy Kaling

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Mystery books are novels including puzzles, and clues.It may involve crime scenes and unknown pieces of information.The characters a lot of times are spies and policeman.

Ex:Walls within Walls

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Realistic Fiction

When the author wrote a story about something that could happen real life.

Ex:Dairy of A Wimpy kid

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A story about anyone that someone has written about.


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When their is a romance between characters in a book.


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