Merry Christmas!

From The Intercessor's Workshop & Ocean's Deep Encounters!

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Praying God's Amazing Love over you!

In this season of rejoicing, I pray your hearts are full of love and light! What an incredible story of humility and love we see that the God of the Universe would become One with us! My hope is that wonder and awe will fill your days and sustain you in the challenges you face!

I'm excited about how this next year is shaping up and although I can't yet see the full picture, I'm anticipating great God things as we transition into Ocean's Deep Encounters and experience God in new and powerful ways. Don't miss some of the upcoming opportunities in January/February!

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Breaking Free Prayer Retreat - Save the Date!

Sunday, Feb. 15th 2015 at 4pm to Monday, Feb. 16th 2015 at 4pm

535 Sacramento Street

Auburn, CA

Extended sessions focused on assisting you in walking out freedom in every area of your life in a beautiful retreat setting in Auburn, Ca. For more details, email me at

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