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Desktop Publishing

The purpose of Desktop Publishing is that you get to show off your skills and create the school yearbook. Here are a few great things to know: During free time you get to play computer games of your choice, you get FREE passes to any school games, you can put pictures of yourself, strengthen your technology skills, and most importantly make friends. Some challenges are the deadlines of entering pictures for the yearbook, and technology problems.


The purpose of athletics is to get fit, some of the all-star Olympic champs do a lot of exercise just like we do. All of the sports help build your competitive side and make you even stronger. Athletics has more than just exercising it has: fun sports and, more friends. One challenge is that you have to run a lot and if you are in a sport practice begins at 6:00 in the morning.


Warriors for Christ

The purpose for Warriors for Christ is to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ. here are some reasons; more knowledge of Jesus Christ and his story, strengthen your relationships with the other Christians or non-Christians around us, and finally love and kindness. Some hard parts about this is that not always is it easy spreading or talking about Jesus' messages, and making meets or group activities is hard on time. Therefore you can't always make everything but this school program will surely be a great lesson for you!

Color Gaurd

The purpose of color guard is just an extra curricular activity here at warren, they just started it this year 2015-16. there are many fun things about color guard for example; flag drills, dance routines, and one really cool thing is riffles in 8th grade. There are a few problems though it is a total of $200, but that includes the flag, costume, sweat pants and team jacket. This year I am doing it and I've had a great time. its very easy to get the dances and flag drills down. I would recommend doing this extra activity after school.

Spanish/ Dual Language

There is always a purpose for something and there's a purpose for this Spanish class. This class you can speak around the people who know how to speak like you, so then its not weird with all your other teachers. Here are a few reasons why you might want to be in this class: its fun, get to communicate with your other friends, and you could get good education out of it. A bad thing about this elective is that it might get harder through the year.
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Warren Warriors