Hugos The Name

Magics The Game

Hi Everyone It Is Hugo

Wow a lot of stuff has happened since I moved out of the train station and in with Papa Georges and Mama Jeanne. But I dont want to get to ahead of myself. First let me tell you my story. Well my Mom died when I was a baby. So it was just me and my Dad. He was a clock maker. I always had an eye for machines and different gears. One day my Dad found this wonderful mechanical man. We started working to fix him. He wrote. we knew that, but besides that we knew nothing about him. One night while my Dad was in the attic of where he worked the ground floor caught fire. He and the man were killed. So one night when he did not come home, I was shocked when the door flew open in the morning. it was my uncle. He took me to where he lived. The train station. Fixing the clocks. I worked with him. He was a heavy drinker. So I knew that the third night he did not come home he was dead. I did not know how to cash in paychecks, so I had to steal. I stole from the Cafe, the Flower Shop, and the Toy Booth. One day when i was looking at the blue toy mouse I want a girl came up. She and the old man fought and then she left. The old man closed his eyes. I snuck down to the booth and took the mouse. Just when I thought I was in the clear, the old man sprang to life. He took my notebook that my father had made. The man made me work there. I saw him playing with cards. It was like magic. I stole some parts from the booth and fixed the man. The girl was named Isabelle. I the back of the man was a heart shaped hole. When I saw the key on her neck, I knew that it was the thing that made the man work. We watched as he drew a rocket in the eye of the man of the moon. Then it signed This name. Georges Melies. It can't be. He made movies. He was all that. He was famous. He was the dream maker. He wanted the man. I ran back to the train station. I lifted it up even though my hand was broken. (Long story) The station inspector caught me. I ran. But right into the wrong spot. I landen in the middle of th train tracks. A black train sped at me. I could no do anything but stare. Then I was pulled out by the neck of my shirt. When I woke up I saw stars. The stars of Georges cape. I was moving in with him. And thats where we are at. Oh wait I forgot one thing. He started making movies again, I am a magic master, and every thing is just fine here in France.

Q and A with Hugo

Q: Do you think your father would be proud?

A: Yes. He was always found of magic

Q: Do you think that you and Isabella have something more than just a friendship?

A: Ummmmm... We are just friends I know that for a fact

Q: In the future do you see yourself doing magic or fixing clocks?

A: I see myself doing magic with gears and machine

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This is a picture of me in my room in the train station

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This is Isabella at the first movie her grandfather made in 50 years