Leap into Literacy

January/February: Grade 1

Reading: Compare and Contrast Fiction and Nonfiction

Highlight the similarities and differences between fiction and nonfiction by reading the winter classic, The Mitten by Jan Brett along with the article, Winter in the Wild by Scholastic News: http://johnsonj.blog.monroe.edu/files/2013/10/winter-in-the-wild-400.pdf All of the animals in The Mitten are also explained in detail with photographs in the article. Create a class graphic organizer comparing what the fiction animals and nonfiction animals do in winter.

Writing: How To Books

Create an anchor chart with your students that lists all of the things first graders might know how to do, complete with pictures for non-readers. Teach them how to use this resource to start writing a new book when you are busy conferencing or teaching another mini-lesson. Keep those little writers writing!

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