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September 9, 2020

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Dear Penngrove Families,

Students, parents, grandparents, neighbors, school staff and teachers are all working so hard and accomplishing amazing things. As each day seems to bring new surprises, moments of happiness and unsuspecting challenges, know that it’s normal to feel raw and vulnerable every step of the way. Remember, we are the first humans to ever attempt this Distance Learning thing!

As we power out these final 12 days of learning before fall break, it’s time to finish strong.

Here are a few considerations for you in the final stretch:

Re-examine your morning routine. Are your mornings rushed? Does breakfast get skipped a little too often? Find the right balance and maybe consider setting alarms on the iPads for Zoom times, breaks, work blocks etc.

Have your child wear headphones to limit distractions. We have some on site if you would like to borrow a pair or two.

Take breaks, recesses, and time away from screens!

Resist the comparison game. Yes, we all have friends doing Distance Learning in other schools, districts, and states. Feel confident in our PCS model, in the instruction your children are receiving at Penngrove, and remember that a huge group of very educated and talented teachers designed our Distance Learning experience with intentionality and excellence in mind. Some might say, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Lean on each other. Our amazing PTA is working hard to set up more opportunities to connect and support one another. In the meantime, encourage study buddies by phone, zoom, or over the fence. Laugh and let go of the little things. Make sure your children are not isolated. They need a circle. If you’ve let this slip off your radar, it’s okay. You can fix it.

Ask for help. Your child’s teacher wants your child to be successful. On a normal day, they would be assessing, adjusting, encouraging and modifying from the first bell to the last bell. Lots of informal discussions, tweaks and communication would be happening in the hallways before and after school. Use office hours and ParentSquare to check in, ask for help or get clarification; we are all here to support.

Choose your battles. That’s all. Just choose them. Your goal is to come out of Distance Learning with a stronger connection to your child, not a strained one. If you’re worried about the negative effects DL might be having on your relationship, it’s time to change it up.

Be kind. Distance learning will never replace the magic that happens in physical classrooms but through this experience we are learning, becoming stronger and finding resilience. Be kind and allow yourself, your children and their teachers grace, empathy, time and space to figure things out.

With gratitude, well wishes and hopeful hugs,


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Thanks for remembering that when your child is on Zoom, YOU are on Zoom!

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Awesome Article Below!

How to Nurture Stick-to-itiveness in Kids
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Panther Supply Kit

The #PennPTA is holding on to hope that our #PennPanthers will be on campus during the 2020/21 school year. To assist with the requirement for individual student supplies we have created the opportunity for families to purchase a pre-made Panther Supply Kit for $26 per student. Buying the items individually will not only cost more but will also take more of your precious time and hassle shopping around. Supply kits will be delivered to the classroom prior to on-campus learning resuming.

If for any reason in-person classes do not resume this year, the supplies will still be used by the current classes and sent home in Distance Learning packets.

PTA has pre-purchased enough supplies for every single student and will provide kits to all students, regardless of their ability to purchase one. Our goal is to break even on the costs of supplies versus sales. If there is a surplus in sales, the money will be reflected in an amended PTA budget and be funneled right back into creating magic for our community. Families are typically asked to contribute money towards field trips, but unfortunately, this school year field trips are highly unlikely. We have also included the opportunity to donate a kit to the school.

Kits are available online to purchase on the #PennPTA website, here. We do not have a deadline to order while on Distance Learning, thank you for your support!

Weekly Message From Mrs. Fadeji!

As shared with students in their Monday meetings or via learning platforms, but for your viewing pleasure to provide consistency.
Weekly Message from Mrs. Fadeji September 8
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Around the World Episode #6, in Japan!!

Around the World - Episode 6

Around the World Japan Read Aloud with Ms. Lutz!

Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say

Interested in watching Mulan? Check out the review from

Petaluma Educational Foundation Virtual Bash

2020 PEF BASH: Bringing All Students HOPE! taking place this Saturday, September 12th at 7:00 p.m. The event is FREE to all to tune-in and share in the fun!

The new online Live-Stream broadcast format will offer a one-hour program featuring a Live Auction, Paddle Raise for the PEF Grant Program, and so much more! Our three lucky Taste of the Town Raffle winners will be announced live during the broadcast.

Click Here to view our dedicated 2020 BASH Event website with information about sponsorship, auction lots, special add-on packages and more!

Let the entire community know you are committed to helping our local students succeed today, tomorrow and in the future by joining our PEF BASH Live-Stream gala! The online broadcast will take place as scheduled on Saturday, September 12th. The evening program will look a bit different from our previous format as it will be a virtual event celebrating all 38 local TK-12 public, private, and charter schools in our community. Utilizing this presentation format provides us with NEW WAYS to increase the exposure for our event partners before, during, and after the broadcast. The in-person event usually attracts 400+ guests but the virtual platform is limitless in terms of “attendees” who will tune in for our live auction and the other special segments of the show.

This next academic year is going to bring challenges we have never before experienced. With your support, PEF is determined to help ALL our schools succeed in delivering innovative curriculum to best serve students as they navigate this unprecedented time in their academic journey, regardless if they are engaged in distance learning or on-campus instruction. For nearly four decades, PEF, in partnership with individuals and local businesses has raised funds to enrich and enhance the academic experience for generations of students. By becoming a 2020 Live-Stream BASH event partner, an online auction bidder, or make a pledge during the virtual paddle raise supporting PEF Grants you will ensure all our local students will continue to have the tools and support they need to move forward.

Happening Now!
This year we are holding a special Taste of the Town BASH Restaurant Raffle to help raise much-needed funds for PEF and support our restaurants during this difficult time!

Here are the important details:
• Tickets are $20 each (cash, check, and credit cards accepted)
• We will have 3 winners: $1,000, $500 & $250 in restaurant gift cards
• Each prize lot will feature gift cards (various amounts per card) for high-end, middle level & casual dining locations
• Winners will be announced during the BASH Live-Stream Broadcast on September 12, 2020

Contact any PEF Board member for tickets or call the PEF Office at 707.778.4632 to get your tickets today! Thank you W.K.McLellan Co. for underwriting the prizes for this raffle.

2020 PEF BASH: Bringing All Students Hope