B.E.D is bad

Binge Eating Disorder

Did you know?

Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in the United States. 57% of people with it never receive treatment. Not only affects overweight people, out of the people affected by this disease 19% are Normal Weight, 39% are Overweight, 45% are Obese.


  • Eating much more rapidly than normal
  • Feeling disgusted about body size after a binge eating episode
  • Not feeling physically hungry but still eating large amounts of food
  • Make people not go out as much, feeling embarrassed
  • Feeling disgusted, depressed or very guilty afterward.

Contact information

Neda (National eating disorders association). For a support group contact the email with the subject line as groups.

Monica Seles suffered from Binge eating disorder

Tennis star Monica Seles was a sufferer of Binge eating Disorder. Monica Seles suffered from B.E.D. “I look at my life and how many years I wasted by being shamed about it, hiding it from my family and friends and doing my binges in private … now there's help out there,” she said.