Topic 6

Relationship between Nutrition and Physical Activity

Nutrition Affects Stress

Eating a balanced and nutritional diet affects our stress level. Physical and mental tension cause problems in our cardiovascular and immune systems. In order to stay physically fit enough to continue to enjoy physical activity, it is important to reduce stress in order to stay healthy enough to be active. Studies have shown that those who eat a healthier diet tend not to slip into those unhealthy coping strategies such as binge eating and alcohol consumption in order to relieve stress. Eating healthy can prolong our lives and make it easier to remain fit and active.

Its a cycle

As one decides to lose weight and become healthy, it is important that they eat a healthy diet, and maintain regular exercise. They may implement a healthy diet and see significant weight loss, however their overall body composition will remain the same. If they try to only increase physical activity without regulating what they eat, their body composition may change, but it would be difficult to lose overall fat. Diet and exercise go hand in hand. They both work off of each other to boost metabolisms and create a healthier, happier body.