Code Club!

Learn to code websites, programs or apps.

So what's the idea then?

Code club is a chance to try out different bits of programming. This will mainly involve learning yourself using a variety of very cool sites. The club itself will be an opportunity to have some time in the timetable to code, bring in problems and solve bugs and discuss your progress.

Every Friday at 1pm.

What we might work with.

  • Do I need to be able to code already? No, the tools we'll use to work independently can be picked up at any point, you can start with no programming experience at all or pick up a new language or develop one you have studied before if you have more experience.
  • What is the code used for? It depends on the programming language you want to look at, you might use HTML and CSS to make websites, Scratch code to make a game or Javascript to draw images on a screen.