Mrs Anderson's Art Challenge

Big picture

The artwork

One of my favourite pieces of artwork in my house is a painting of yachts sailing out at sea with their sails billowing in the wind. It is painted with oil paints on a piece of driftwood. I am not sure who painted it as I can’t quite make out the signature in the right hand corner. I just liked it and wanted to buy it.

Mr Anderson and I bought it last year when we were on holiday on the Isle of Wight. Every year when we go in holiday we buy something to remind us of our holiday. Last year we visited the Isle of Wight during the famous Cowes Festival and this painting reminded me of all the boats we had seen at sea everyday of our holiday. I love the white horses in the sea and the sails showing just how windy it was. My favourite colour is blue and this painting has lots of shades of blue in it too.

This painting will always remind me of our holiday on the Isle of Wight and all the fun we had as a family (despite the rain!)

The challenge

This piece of seaside art was painted on driftwood. The art and the medium go together to tell a story. Look in your garden, shed, garage or street and find sticks, twigs, leaves, petals and if possible, a small, flat piece of wood. Create a pattern or scene depicting nature, using these natural materials. You could either place the objects on the wood (or on the grass if you can’t find any wood) and take a photo of your art, or stick them onto the wood to display the whole piece. The theme that tells the story here is simply nature using nature.