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Welcome back to Central School. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the services offered by the guidance department.

As the school counselor, my role is to provide skill building and supportive counseling to any child experiencing academic, social, emotional or behavioral difficulties. I will meet with children individually or in a social support group setting.

In addition, I collaborate with teachers and parents to discuss concerns, and to develop a comprehensive plan to assist your child in achieving his/her goals.

In order to prevent your child from missing class work, student support groups will be facilitated during lunchtime for six consecutive weeks. Once the groups have been determined, a letter will be sent home outlining the specific dates for each group. Please review the group descriptions below and return the permission slip if you wish for your child to participate.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about obtaining services for your child, please contact me at or (856) 429-5851extension 312.

Group descriptions and Permission slips


Circle of Friends (Grades 1st – 5th) -This group is designed to address the importance of having and being a good friend. Through age appropriate activities and discussion, the group will explore the qualities and characteristics that make a good friend. This group will also include some self-awareness and self-esteem building exercises.

Banana Splits (Grades 1st & 2nd , 3rd – 5th)- This group is designed to support students from divorced, separated, and/or blended families. Through the use of age appropriate activities and discussion, the group meetings will focus on assisting your child to identify and express feelings of loss. The group will also address coping skills that are vital to your child’s adjustment to their new home life. Most importantly, the group will serve as a support network for the students so that they will not feel alone.

Learn to be a Peacemaker (Grades 4- 5)- This group is designed to teach children the skills to resolve conflicts peacefully. Through the use of role plays, games, and discussions, your child will learn effective communication and problem solving techniques. The focus of this group will be for your child to understand that he/she has choices when faced with a conflict. The group will explore these different choices as well as help to identify your child’s individual strengths.

Girls Circle (Grades 4 – 5) - This program has been designed to address the dynamics of female friendships. Through the use of activities and discussion, the group will focus on communication skills, self esteem, developing empathy for others, conflict resolution, and decreasing gossip, cliques, and bullying.

Information and lesson plans from “Girls Circle” (Hossfeld & Taormia) and “Salvaging Sisterhood” (Taylor) will be reviewed. This group will provide a safe and educational environment for students to explore and share their feelings.



Name of Student: ___________________________________ Grade: ___________

_____ I give permission for my child to participate in a social support group(s).

____Circle of Friends

___ Banana Splits ­­

___ Learn to be a Peacemaker

___ Girls Circle


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