Internet Safety

By Autumn Packett

Shopping Online Safety

This is about how to keep safe while online shopping.
Online Shopping Safety

Password Safety

Password Safety

Password safety is where you be safe with the passwords you pick. Don't pick like your pets name that's to easy, because other people could figure it out if they know your pet's name or anything easy. They could figure it out just like that.
#FinancialCyberTips: Password Safety

Computer Safety

Computer Safety is about to be careful when your on a computer. You get hacked or get viruses. That's why you need to be careful when your on desktop or laptop.
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Computer Safety - Online Gaming

Digital Footprint

On the internet a digital footprint is the word used to describe the trail, traces or "footprints" that people leave online.
Your Digital Footprint

Shipping Online

Shipping online can be bad because the fact is that if the person is a creeper or something they could see where you live and stalk you or do something that don't need to happen. So be careful when you shop online and the shipping.
Business Plan for Drop Shipping Online Business - CRITICAL

Cyber Bullying

Bullying has become an epidemic of epic proportions. We personally have a list of over 55,000 children that have taken their lives in the last 7 years due to being bullied. To break that down….that is 8,000 per year, or 22 per day. Almost 1 child per hour for the last 7 years has ended their precious life due to a bully.
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Cyberbullying Education for Middle School

Social Media Safety

Social Media can get you in trouble, because you could post something that you regret posting. Like pictures, or comments. Think before you do the things you do online.
Facebook, YouTube, Texting: Rules of the Road for Kids
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Child Safety Online

Make sure your child is being safe online. They could be on something they don't they don't need to be on, or they could be talking to a stranger on a computer, or a mobile device. Make your child safe online.
How to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Teaching Kids Internet Safety

Teachers are teaching kids to be safe online, and they are modifying the students before they put the picture, or the status online for everyone to see.
Teaching Kids Internet Safety

Keeping Teenagers Safe Online

Keep your teens safe online. They could be talking to strangers or doing stuff they shouldn't be doing.
3 Ways to Keep Teens Safe Online