High School Coach

Tristan buschow


To be a high school coach you have to be able to provide the students and athletes with what they need to succeed in what they're trying to do. You need to be able to give them the necessary support, advice, and practice to help them improve. Coaches normally have to teach another subject within the school in addition with coaching their team. With both of those duties combined they normally have a 40 hour work week. To be a coach you have to be prepared to work through all kinds of weather such as rain, snow, cold, or hot conditions. They also must be willing to travel with the team to all game locations no matter how far away it is or how hard it is to get to. They must be willing to stick with their team through all.


Requirements of being a coach may vary between the school you try to go to but normally they consist of these. To be a coach you must have your bachelors degree and a state teaching certification may also be needed along with that. At some schools you may have to have one year of student teaching or approved internship. You’re also required to have skills and knowledge in your chosen sport or sports. You can’t expect to get the job and keep it if you know nothing about sports. It’s also important to be able to keep the students and athletes under control and behaved. But, you can't be a mean and scary coach. You have to have to good communication and organizational skills if you want them to listen. There’s also other important requirements needed in a coach. One is CPR training. This one may vary at some places but it’s normally required.


There are many responsibilities that come from being a coach, if u don’t do or complete some of them they could potentially get you fired. One is you must make lessons that can teach all learning styles. Some people may be more of a visual learner and some may be auditory so must be able to do all. You also must be a positive role model for all of the students and athletes that you teach. A very important one is to make your own code of conduct so the athletes have rules to go by. One of the harder responsibilities is holding tryouts and making cuts to benefit your team. You must be able to choose the best out of the options to make the team as best it can be, no matter how hard.

Important Details

- need to study in physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and fitness, physical education, or sports medicine in college to be qualified to be a coach

- average salary is $36,680

- drug tests may be required at some schools

- you may work irregular hours, such as evening, weekends, and holidays

- must pay attention to the opponent as much as you do your own team so that you can know the other team strengths and weaknesses