It says... I say... and so..

By: Mona Naghshineh

It says ...

"Fat is the new tobacco."

I say ...

I agree with this quote because tobacco is something people get addicted to, so basically the quote is saying that becoming fat is the new addiction and I think that's true because most people like fast-food (mc-Donald's, wendys, a&w etc..) but they don't really know where it's coming from and so when they eat it a lot it becomes an addiction.
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Cigarettes ? More like licorice.

And so ...

And so, I am going to try to spread awareness by sharing this article to family and friends and if they share it other people see it and the cycle continues. People don't really know about whats going on in the food system and so some people won't know what "Fat is the new tobacco." that quote goes deeper then "fat is the new cigarette."