PikMyKid Mandatory Reminder!

St. Gabriel School, May 4, 2015

You have yet to sign up for PikMyKid

St. Gabriel School Dismissal System, PIKMYKID!

In case you missed our previous notice, we want to remind you that St. Gabriel School is now using a program to help organize the school dismissal process and improve safety. This program is a phone application downloaded onto your smart phone (found in the app store) and will allow you to notify the school of end of the day pick-up changes and authorize others to pick-up your child from school, alert you when your child has been picked up, as well as help organize the classroom car lines during pick-up.

In order for this system to be successful, it is critical that we have your participation. We noticed that you have yet to sign up and ask that you do so by Friday, May 6, 2016. If you have difficulty with the app, please contact support@pikmykid.com. You may also contact Mrs. Dietz at 440-352-6169 or monica.dietz@st-gabrielschool.org.

Several resources are included below to help you understand how to use the application and assist you with this transition. Please make sure you register with the mobile phone number our school has on file for you and that it is a current number or the app will not allow you to access your child’s information for security reasons.

If you do not think the school has your mobile number on file or if your child does not appear in your app’s home page, contact support@pikmykid.com with your child’s name, school, grade, and updated contact information for you.

Using the App:

Parents will represent how their students travel home using the phone application.

You are able to make daily dismissal changes until 1:00. After 1:00, please call the office.

We will transition to no longer using blue notes, except for early dismissal.

When making car rider changes, assign students who have the last names A-E to car line 1, last names F-N to car line 2, last names O-R to car line 3, & last names S-Z to car line 4. All JK students are assigned to car line 4. The pick-up rooms will remain the same.

When you get in line outside the pick-up room, please open your PikMyKid app and press the orange announce button for the child(ren) you are to pick up. If you are picking up in multiple pick up rooms please announce for one child at a time at the correct time (when you actually get in that room’s line) so you don’t hold up the line.

Please make sure anyone picking up in your place understands the pick-up process and has been officially delegated to within the app and the form shows your child’s correct car line. We have also included a short, one page parent guide to the PikMyKid App. If the person you would like to have pick-up your child does not have the app, he or she will have to wait at the end of the dismissal line and teacher will authorize the pick-up based on the authorized release list.

PikMyKid Parent Manual

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