About Me

Hailey Kearns

I have loved Pokémon since I was little, and it is something that makes me happy no matter what.
Also, I really love video games.
My favorite tv show ever is The Walking Dead. I love zombies and I love apocalypses, so it's the perfect show.
Things you need to do while keyboarding are:

  • keep your back straight
  • keep your feet on the floor
  • keep the b and n keys in the center of your body
  • don't rest your wrists
  • type at a steady pace
  • don't stop typing, keep rhythm
  • don't look down at the keyboard
  • keep your fingers on the home row
  • correct finger reaches
  • use left or right hands correctly when you shift

Keep good posture.
Knees level or a little bit lower to your hips.
Look at the computer, not at your keyboard when you type.