Benfield Family Newsletter

September 6, 2021

Greetings Benfield Families!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! It was great to see everyone last week at the Sneak a Peek. Our teachers have done a wonderful job planning for instruction and preparing their classrooms, and are ready to welcome back the children on Wednesday. We are looking forward to another terrific year at Benfield Elementary, and we are very excited to have our students returning five days a week. We are ready and very excited!

Please read this newsletter carefully, as it includes many AACPS resources and school-based information. As we begin the year, I want you to be informed.

Sue Myers



School Phone: (410) 222 – 6555

Google Voice: (302) 404 – 6898

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Chromebook and School Supply Update

Early this summer I shared that all students would receive two Chromebooks, one for home and one for school. However, only students in prek - second grade will have two Chromebooks assigned to them. One will stay at home and the other will stay in school. Students in third - fifth grades will need to bring their Chromebook to school each day.

Students will be able to use their lockers and desks to store supplies and will not have to bring everything back and forth to school each day. Since we are using lockers, rolling backpacks will not be allowed.


Be sure your child has an extra mask in their book bag in case theirs gets soiled. Gator masks are not allowed.

Benfield Instagram

This year we are starting a new Instagram page. This will be a very exciting way to share all the wonderful happenings at Benfield.

If you would like for me to share your first day photo, feel free to email it to me at or tag Benfield in a post.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram at benfieldesaacps.

School Arrival and Dismissal


We will open doors for students beginning at 9:15 a.m. Families need to wait until this time to drop their children off, as we do not have staff on duty until 9:15 a.m. Families are responsible for supervising their children until school staff are on duty.

Walkers and car riders will enter through the front door. Parents will be asked to wait on the sidewalk by the middle school fields to minimize the amount of people at the front of the building.

Bus riders will be dropped off and enter through the side door near the media center.


Dismissal begins and 3:55 p.m. Walkers and car riders will dismiss through the front door and bus riders through the side door.

Please see diagram below for entrance/exit points.

Early Dismissal

If you need to pick up your child before the end of the day for an appointment, we ask that this is done before 3:30 p.m. When possible, please send in a note to the teacher, so we are aware of the early dismissal.

Change of Dismissal Plans

If you need to change the dismissal routine for your child (i.e. your child is normally a walker, but you want to change to car rider), please communicate this in writing to your child's teacher and Mrs. Wortz ( This communication is important to ensure your child gets home correctly. Students may not ride a bus other than their assigned bus unless there is an emergency situation. If this happens, a request must be made through the transportation specialist, who will/will not must approve the request.

School Bus Routes

School Bus Route information can be found here: AACPS School Bus Routes. During the first few weeks of school, bus pick up times may be slightly off due to traffic and other beginning of school year adjustments. Your child's bus may arrive 10 minutes earlier or later than the published time.

If your child will be riding the bus, please complete the Student Transportation Covid-19 Acknowledgement of Risk Form.

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Lunch Time

We will be using the cafeteria for lunch this year, and all students will remain masked until they are seated and eating lunch. Teachers will be creating seating plans, so we know where students are sitting for contact tracing purposes. We will have students sitting two to a bench, and there are blue dots on the benches showing students where to sit. We are doing everything possible to keep students socially distanced in the cafeteria.

School Meal Prices for the 2021-2022 School Year

All school meals (breakfast and lunch) are free to all students effective September 8, 2021, through the last day of school in June 2022. Students may bring their own lunch from home or get a school lunch. There will be one hot choice and one cold choice daily. You can access the menu here: AACPS Menu.

Meal Benefit Applications are still required by the State and will be made available beginning August 2021. Although meals are free, we are required to collect Meal Benefit Applications for programming and funding. To complete a Meal Benefit Application for SY 2021-2022, log onto

If you have any questions regarding the school meals program, please email or call 410-222-5900.

Healthroom Updates

This year we welcome a new nurse, Casey Banks, and health assistant, Jessica Voisinet to the Healthroom. Both come to Benfield with experience and are a wonderful addition to our staff.

For students who need medication administered at school, parents must bring the medication and Permission to Administer Medication Form to Health Room staff. Over the counter medication must be received as new (sealed, unopened). Please contact the health room team directly to make arrangements to deliver your student's medicine by email: Mrs. Banks, or Mrs. Voisinet, You can also reach them via phone at (410) 222 - 6557.


This year we will continue the practice of asking parents to complete an online form when their child is absent from school. This form can be found here: Absent Note.

Lawfully Excused Absences only occur under the following conditions:

*death of a family member

*illness of the student

*court appearance

*hazardous weather conditions

*work approved or school sponsored activities

*observance of a religious holiday

*state of emergency

*suspension from school

*other emergencies

*deployment related activities

Emergency Information Card

The Emergency Information Card is collected each year to ensure that we have the most up-to-date contact and safety information on file for your student. The Emergency Card Verification Form can be accessed online at

Please be sure to complete the information asap, so we have current contact information.

AACPS Resources

AACPS School Reopening Plan: This website is updated regularly as information changes. Please check it regularly.

Contact Tracing Protocols:
Important information about contact tracing.

Safety Protocols: This links shares the safety protocols in place at schools.

Parent Portal: This is an excellent resource for parents as it has information about grades, attendance and more.


You may have heard about the new learning management system being used by AACPS called Brightspace. This system allows us to hold all important information, apps, and tools in one place. Feel free to check out the Brightspace page for more information.


Benfield Elementary School is equipped with a video camera system. It covers selected interior and exterior public portions of the building and grounds. It is NOT monitored constantly, but it is monitored during emergency situations. During certain events, when the safety or security of students may be in question, authorized personnel from local, state, or federal police or fire emergency units may be given access to view images projected on the camera system. If you have any questions about the system, kindly call the Supervisor of School Security at 410 – 222 – 5083.

Benfield Elementary PTO

Benfield Elementary School has an active PTO and I would encourage you to join and be part of a great organization focused on supporting our Benfield School community. Click here for membership information.

Benfield PTO 2021-2022 Board

President - Marci Flynn

Vice President - Cara O'Brien

Secretary - Jessica Duncan

Fundraising - Beth Karsner and Elizabeth Somerset

Volunteer Coordinators - Krissy Archer, Bridgette Richburg, Martha Satterfield

Student Accident Insurance

Each year, school children have accidents. Medical costs can be expensive, and unexpected bills can cause hardships. Even if you have other insurance, it is often not enough as coverage can require high deductibles or co-insurance payments.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools does not purchase blanket accidental medical or dental insurance for sports, school sponsored activities, or student activity while school is in session. However, we have made arrangements with Bob McCloskey Insurance to offer accident coverage to all enrolled students at a modest premium. Through this program, parents/guardians have the opportunity to purchase this protection for their child.

Some of the advantages of this insurance include:

At-School Student Accident Coverage: This provides insurance for the hours and days when school is in session and while students are attending school sponsored and supervised activities on or off school premises. Coverage is provided during:

• The school day, on school premises, while school is in session.

• Direct and uninterrupted travel to and from home and scheduled classes.

• School sponsored and supervised sports (excluding high school football).

• Travel to and from school sponsored and supervised sports while in school approved vehicle.

Once effective, coverage continues until the earlier date where the enrolled student's coverage has been in place for twelve months or the first day of the next school year.

Around the Clock - 24-hour Accident coverage: This provides insurance coverage around-the-clock, anywhere in the world. Coverage is provided:

• Before, during and after school.

• Weekends, vacation and all summer including summer school.

• School sponsored and extracurricular sports (excluding high school football).

Once effective, coverage continues until the earlier date where the enrolled student's coverage has been in place for twelve months or the first day of the next school year.

All coverage becomes effective on the date that the completed application and premium are received by Bob McCloskey Insurance or online enrollment is completed.

YOU CAN APPLY AND PAY ON-LINE AT: Bob McCloskey Insurance and click the “Enroll Online” start button. You have a choice of different benefit schedules.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Bob McCloskey Insurance at (800) 445-3126. Their representatives are available to assist you in your inquiries, or go to Bob McCloskey Insurance

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