Handicap Accessibility

Ty Benton, Houston Goad, and Corey Blackburn

Accessories needed for making a house Handicap Accessible......

1.) When remodeling the bathroom to accommodate the needs of the elderly or persons with restricted mobility, it is important to consider their long term needs. Full plywood backing on all shower walls provide the support required for customized installation of accessories such as shower seats, and grab bars reducing the risk of a fall.

2.) Different people have different physical capabilities. Some are tall, others are short, some want to be seated while working while others want to stand. So the kitchen in which so much work is being done should obviously be adaptable to the needs of any individual. A lift system that enables cabinets and worktops to be adjusted to the required height makes the work much easier and more enjoyable!!

3.) Base lift 6200 is a wall mounted worktop lift with great flexibility to be adapted for different needs. The equipment in the work surface is selected according to the function desired. Sink unit, cook top, drawers, chopping boards and way more can be integrated in the work surface. The base lift can support solid surface, granite or marble counter tops.