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Knee pain often affects other areas of the body, and back.

Common Elbow Injuries and the Support Devices Needed to Treat Them

Elbow injuries are very common. The arms get a great deal of use every day and this can lead to an injury of the joint or it may be the person suffers from a trauma that brings about the need for Mueller braces and supports. Before choosing a device to use in the treatment of the elbow injury, it's important to know which type of device would be best for that condition. Following are three common elbow injuries and the recommended devices for each one.


Many people suffer from tendonitis of the elbow. Any time a tendon in the body becomes swollen, fluids may become trapped on it and the joint becomes extremely sensitive to pain. If left untreated, this pain can be excruciating and lead to the need for surgery. However, when a person only has a mild case of tendonitis, he or she can prevent the problem from becoming worse by making use of an elbow sleeve. Following surgery for this condition, an immobilizer or sling would be more beneficial.

A Dislocated Elbow

A dislocated joint anywhere in the body is a serious injury. For this reason, medical attention needs to be sought promptly. Doctors typically recommend an immobilizer or sling be used until the joint heals, which can take a long time, and often an immobilizer is needed to prevent the affected arm from moving at all. This is one time when a person should not attempt to purchase a device without medical advice, as the wrong brace or support may do more harm than good.


While people often associate arthritis with the aging process, it can actually affect individuals of any age and lead to debilitating pain. When the joint becomes stiff and painful, any movement hurts. However, wearing an elbow sleeve helps to reduce the pain and discomfort, doing so by increasing blood flow to the affected joint and reducing any inflammation in that area. Nevertheless, any brace or support should be used in conjunction with a larger treatment plan to ensure the individual achieves the desired level of pain relief and mobility.

To learn more about Mueller braces and supports and how they can be of help to anyone suffering from an elbow injury, visit the site today. Be sure to see your doctor also to determine exactly what the problem is with the elbow. Nobody wants to purchase a brace or support only to learn the joint has been injured further as a result of the device's use. The doctor is there to ensure this does not happen. Furthermore, this site is of great help for those in need of knee braces and supports as well as many other products used for this purpose.