Snooze Break

By: Camry D. Hall

First week out of school

The first weekend out of school was all about work and sleep. I had seven or more hours of sleep during each day. One day i had to work from 4 O'clock til 12:30 a.m. . I was so tired going to school and working long hours and not get much sleep. Now, I have much energy from the break. Even though I have started school back, i'll still have to work but i'll have to manage the hours and time of day i spend at work and focus on school.
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Easter Sunday

Easter Here, Easter There, Easter Everywhere . Wish I could have went to church Easter Sunday. I had to work the whole day. I was wanting to hear the little ones say their speeches not only that but the Reverend preach his good ole' sermon.

2K16 PROM !!!!!

Well, The next weekend out of school on break all I did was get ready for my First and Last Prom ever. I am so excited about prom. My class is the best class and we are going to slay that day. I have no clue in what that day may bring because I have not ever done anything like this. When I was younger I always said when I got to prom I am going to go above and beyond. To be honest all I have been doing is trying to get ready to go all out. I only have left to do is get my hair done, makeup and make sure everything else goes as planned. I like to plan ahead and it never goes as planned and I always end up mad so I hope for prom it doesn't be a disaster.


Sunday, was the day I got ready for school. I had to work but I got off at 2. I had enough time to go get something did to my hair. I also went by and got my eyebrows done. So come April 9,2016 Prom day I want be held back with time. I also had time to spend with my family. I wish I could have went to church. I have enjoyed this break.