Miss Lupo's Grade 2 Class

Whats new in gr. 2? A new Math Unit!

March 23, 2015

Dear Parents,

I am very excited to say that we will now be moving on to our Patterns Unit in Math! The Big Idea for this unit is for students to recognize that "patterns represent identified regularities. There is always an element of repetition, whether the same item repeats, or whether a "transformation", for example, adding 1, repeats." This unit will allow students to explore and create different patterns and express themselves using new mathematical terminology in both oral and written communication, and through various manipulatives of their choosing.
You can help your child be successful by assisting them with any homework or questions that they may have outside of school. You can also ask them about the following topics, which have been specified on which day they will be taught.

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Ask me about….

Day #1 (March 23): Patterns I found on a 100’s chart
Day #2 (March 24): What growing and shrinking patterns are
Day #3 (March 25): Some patterns I encountered at school today and what songs have patterns in them
Day #4 (March 26): How I know a pattern is growing/shrinking
Day #5 (March 27): The growing/shrinking pattern I made today
Day #6 (March 30): The 2 different wallpaper patterns I created today for Miss Lupo
Day #7 (March 31): The wallpaper I created for my room, and how long it would take me to save $30

If your child requires extra help with patterns, please feel free to request extra practice sheets, or check out these websites for online patterning games! I will also be available for extra help.


Happy Learning!

Miss Lupo