November 25, 2016

We hope that you are all surviving among all of your final projects and preparation for finals!! Thank you for continuing to put in your all at the SCP! We are doing so well with donor pools! Keep up the great work!

In this edition:

  • Fall Fundraising Stats
  • Shift Schedule
  • Weekly Recognition Board
  • Lifetime Fundraising Achievement
  • Upcoming Events at the SCP
  • Katie's Weekly Wonders
  • From One Foodie to the Next
  • Did You Know?

Fall Fundraising Stats

From September 12- November 24 we have raised:

  • 268 donations (+56)
  • $32,380.267 total dollar raised (+7,465.2)
  • $120.82 average gift (+3.3)
  • 72% credit card rate (+1.26)

Shift Schedule

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If you need to call in SICK:

Monday to Thursday:

Call (403) 220-5151 and email scp@ucalgary.ca before 12:00pm

Saturday & Sunday:

Call (403) 220-5151 and email scp@ucalgary.ca before 10:00am

Weekly Recognition Board

We are very excited to recognize your achievements! These weekly updates shine a light on our top achievers across four areas and are counted with a minimum of 2 pledges and a minimum 50% CC rate. Congratulations to the following Callers on a great week!

If you see your name on the Leaderboard, think of some good tips or strategies to share with your peers during Pre-Call next week!

These results reflect caller achievements between November 18 to 24.

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Lifetime Fundraising Achievement

We have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful students over the years. The Annual Giving office is proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of student callers who have individually raised $10,000 or more during their time with the SCP.

Please congratulate BUSHRA HASHIM for being our most recent addition to the Honour Roll list with nearly $11,000 in total dollars raised to date!

Upcoming Events at the SCP

  • Stay tuned for an upcoming visit from the Alumni Volunteer Coordinator in the next week or two!
  • Exam sign up will open on Monday November 28 for the period of December 5-20. Two shift minimum is in effect for the entire exam period. From December 1st, there is no limit to how many hours you can work each week until the end of the term.

Katie's Weekly Wonders

  1. Big Bertha (17 March 1945 – 31 December 1993) was a cow who held two Guinness World Records: she was the oldest cow recorded, dying just three months short of her 49th birthday, and she also held the record for lifetime breeding, having produced 39 calves.
  2. When Peter Piper picked his peck of pickled peppers, he picked the equivalent of 1/4 of a bushel. While no one knows the origin of this word nor how it came to be a unit of measurement, we do know that Peter's peck of pickled peppers amounted to the equivalent of 2 gallons of dry weight, or 10 to 14 pounds.
  3. In 1992 Bayer and Diaconis (mathematicians) showed that after seven random riffle shuffles of a deck of 52 cards, every configuration is nearly equally likely. Shuffling more than this does not significantly increase the "randomness"; shuffle less than this and the deck is "far" from random.
  4. A yacth is a recreational boat or ship. The term originates from the Dutch word jacht meaning "hunt". Originally they were defined as a light fast sailing vessel used by the Dutch navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors around and into the shallow waters of the low country.
  5. It is considered bad luck to walk under a ladder because an open ladder forms a triangle. And triangles were once considered a symbol of life so walking through that shape was considered tempting your fate. It is also thought that because it has three sides, the triangle symbolizes the Holy Trinity and “breaking” it by entering the triangle is bad luck.

From One Foodie to the Next

Hungry? Tired of going to the same restaurants all the time? Feeling adventurous and wanting to try something new but have no clue where to start? We've got you covered! Every week we will have recommendations on yummy places that we would highly recommend visiting! Let us know what you think! And email scp@ucalgary.ca for places you want to suggest. Enjoy! :)

Busola's Pick

Place: Monki Breakfast Club & Bistro

Type: Brunch

Where: 1301 10 Avenue SW, Calgary AB

When: Wednesday - Friday: 8am - 3pm

Saturday: 9am - 3pm

Favourite dish to get: Brisket hash with eggs (pictured)
This place is super yummy for brunch!! Make sure to get there early because the wait times can be pretty long, but still super worth it!

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Did You Know?

The University of Calgary is faced with rising costs of subscriptions for academic journals. These are the same journals utilized by students and faculty for their own research needs. The crisis faced by academic libraries was first reported in UToday in December 21, 2015, citing a weak Canadian dollar along with increasing subscription fees by about 6% every year as most journals are purchased in American dollars.

Content Development staff in Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) are working to analyze journal usage across campus in order to make evidence-based retention decisions.

“I urge University of Calgary faculty members to contribute their input through an upcoming national study conducted by the Canadian Research Knowledge Network,” says Tom Hickerson, vice-provost of Libraries and Cultural Resources. “In addition to faculty input, data on journal usage and citations will enable institutions across Canada to make evidence-based responses when facing these crucial decisions.”

The study will give faculty members the opportunity to identify the journals they consider the most important to their disciplines.

Thanks to a contribution of $1.5 million this year from Provost Dru Marshall, a number of imminent cancellations were prevented or delayed. Nevertheless, for the 2016–2017 academic year, the library has already had to cancel $1 million in subscriptions. A list of cancellations can be found here. Some will take effect as early as January.

Interlibrary loan staff in University of Calgary libraries have received additional training in order to provide extra support for campus researchers. In addition, two tools are available to assist access: JournalTOCs (Table of Contents Service) and OAFindr (Open Access Article Discovery), which is now accessible on the library’s search bar.

For assistance in locating articles to be used as course material, please contact the Copyright Office. Inquiries for additional support may be directed to Content Development.

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions?

Busola and Daria would like to try and make this weekly communications work for you! What would you like to see in your End of Week email? Send your ideas to scp@ucalgary.ca!

Thanks and have a terrific weekend!